The Games Academy graduates in BP

On April 21 AGT regional president Gordon Birrell gave a business lecture for Baku 2015 European Games Graduate Excellence Programme graduates at BP’s Xazar Centre.  

Gordon Birrell welcomed the graduates and Baku European Games Organizing Committee (BEGOC) officials and started his lecture with a short journey to the partnership of BP with Azerbaijan, lasting for over 20 years.  

Then he talked about BP operated major projects including Shah Deniz 2 and the Southern Corridor. Gordon mentioned how it is important to build local capabilities in the countries that the company operates and introduced his leadership team including Huseyn Mamedov, vice president, communication, external affairs and security, Leyla Novruzova, vice president human resources, and Tamam Bayatly, communications manager. 

One of the exciting moments of the event was when Gordon and his team shared their personal career stories with the graduates. Gordon advised the youth always keep home and work balance, do the job they like and enjoy, surround themselves with creative and enthusiastic people and try to be a good citizen. 

The Games Academy graduates asked a range of questions about career development, employment, security measures taken by the company. They were very enthusiastic about the experience they gained during the Games Academy trainings. 
“It has been an amazing opportunity for me to come back to Baku after being gone for so long. I am glad that I am back,” said one of the Games Academy graduates Elyse Maggiori, a protocol graduate from Graduate Excellence Programme, sponsored by BP. She was among 120 graduates that BP AGT hosted at Xazar Centre, as part of its commitment to further support the Games Academy graduates as they build their skills and knowledge in preparation for the coming Baku European Games.  

She spent most of her childhood in Baku while her father worked for BP and left Azerbaijan when she was 11. For her the Games Academy was not only the start of her career but also a good chance to revisit the places of her childhood, to see friends and close ones.  

Elyse thinks that the skills that she and her peers acquired during the trainings can take them to different jobs in different industries. “Key management skills is something that everyone needs to go forward in life and I think these keys have set me up personally to stay in sporting industry,” said Elyse during the event. 
For Turgut Gambarov, the Games Academy graduate, it introduced a new era in his life that changed his priorities. He not only excelled in his English language abilities, but also learned how to work in different environment with different people. He felt very proud to work with the people involved in big sporting events. “Currently I am in the results timing scoring team and it is a great honor for me to be one of the two Azerbaijanis working for the technology department,” concluded Turgut.  

At the end of the event Michele Clayton, BEGOC official thanked BP for its tremendous support to Baku 2015 and The Games Academy.