External monitoring

In this section you can get familiar with key findings and recommendations from independent assessments of our activities

Azerbaijan Social Review Commission

The Azerbaijan Social Review Commission (ASRC) is an advisory group set up as continuation of efforts to promote transparency, dialogue and public engagement of our activities in Azerbaijan.

The ASRC was set up in 2007 to help BP recognize and address challenges with respect to the long-term social performance activities that BP undertakes on behalf of its joint venture partners. The commission concluded its five-year round of work in 2011 and produced five reports. In each case the Commission’s report and BP’s response were made public and can be found below:  

Security and human rights monitoring

Since 2000, BP and other companies from our industry have worked alongside non-governmental organizations and the United States and United Kingdom governments on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights provide a framework for companies to assess whether human rights issues are likely to arise as a result of security activities within local operations, and to ensure that appropriate precautionary steps are taken.

They provide the core framework of standards within which BP conducts security planning for projects in the Azerbaijan-Georgia –Turkey (AGT) region.

Our commitments address three main security and human rights themes: (1) undertaking risk assessments, (2) interacting with public security forces, and (3) engaging private security providers.

BP has put in place an extensive program of work in the AGT region to ensure security is provided for BP-operated assets in a manner consistent with respect for human rights. For example, one element of our approach during the construction phase of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and South Caucasus (SCP) pipelines was to submit those projects to external monitoring of performance against the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rightsstandards. Four rounds of external monitoring were conducted between 2004 and 2008 and in each case the findings were made public and can be found below.

Voluntary principles monitoring

External assessments of how BTC Co and SCP Co are together implementing the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, through working with public security, working with private security, and assessing risks. 

Foley Hoag monitoring assessment for the BTC and SCP projects

Caspian Development Advisory Panel

The Caspian Development Advisory Panel (CDAP) was commissioned in 2003 as an independent, external advisory body to provide BP with advice on the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline (BTC pipeline) and other related BP activities in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.  

These activities, referred to as the “Caspian Projects,” include the upstream development of oil and natural gas reserves in the Caspian Sea and the supply of natural gas to Turkey and other markets through the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP pipeline).  

The panel ended its term at the end of 2006. The Panel’s reports and BP’s responses were made public and can be found below:

Monitoring by National NGOs