Social Investment Initiative

Call for submission of the concept papers

BP invites interested parties, which are legal entities registered in Azerbaijan, to submit project concepts for supporting nationwide economic development through the improvement of education standards at universities for review under Social Investment (SI) Initiative in Azerbaijan.

The goal of the project is to provide access for the personnel and students of universities in Azerbaijan, as well as, the broader public with the landmark academic study materials in biology and economics in Azerbaijani language.

Selected concept papers will be developed by applicants into project proposals, which will be subject to a BP competitive selection process for eligible funding.

Project Goals and Objectives

Proposed project concept should aim at achieving the following goal through one, or both of the objectives presented below:

Goal: Improvement of the quality of education at universities of Azerbaijan, through the

Objective 1: Provision of high quality landmark academic textbooks in the field of Biology (Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology, etc.) in Azerbaijani language for universities and broader public in Azerbaijan;

Objective 2: Provision of landmark academic textbooks in the field of Economics (Introductory and Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Development Economics/International Development) for universities and broader public in Azerbaijan;


Maximum of 10 months for a textbook in Biology

Maximum of 6 months for a textbook in Economics

Applicant parties are responsible for:

Conducting a needs-assessment to identify and select the books:

-          Selected academic textbooks must be a landmark among its kind, used across majority of the highest order universities of the world in academic disciplines of Biology, Medicine and Economics;

-          Only the latest editions of the textbooks may be selected;

-          Applicant party must ensure no such textbook, including its previous editions, or its equivalent in content and quality, exists in Azerbaijani language and is used by university staff and students as teaching materials;

-          Applicant party must demonstrate there is a genuine broad interest and need by the authorities of the relevant universities, including the students of these universities and the broader public for the selected textbook;

-          Members of the relevant departments of the universities must be involved in the selection of the books;

-          Applicant party must ensure the selected books or their translated parts are legally allowed in Azerbaijan or clearly undesirable by the target groups it is intended to benefit;

Determining and acquiring copyright requirements for publishing translated versions of the books and conditions for the books: 

-          Applicant party must obtain rights for the translation and printing of the copies, including future editions;

-          Printed copies are intended for university libraries solely for non-profit purpose and will not be sold in the market or to the students by the university;

-          Obtaining the form of copyright should be in accordance with cost-efficiency principle;

-          Ownership for the permission of publishing should reside with BP and future copies may not be printed or distributed without the permission of the owner of the selected textbook and BP Azerbaijan;

-          Permission should be obtained for the whole book, including the text, images, and any other element that must exist in the book in Azerbaijani without compromising quality of translation, design or publishing.

High quality academic translation and editing of the selected books:

To ensure the required quality of the outcome, the applicant team/organization must have

-       A project manager responsible for:

-       Development of project proposal and implementation plan;

-       Process and personnel management;

-       Budget estimation and financial management;

-       Arrangement of the obtainment of copyrights for the textbooks or their various elements;

-       Organization of appropriate design and printing of the books;

-       Quality control of the deliverables;

-       Monitoring of outputs;

-       Delivery of Key Performance Indicators;

-       Conduct of final evaluation.

-       A professional translation team with proficient knowledge of English and Azerbaijani languages and linguistics containing no more than three translators for ensuring coherency and consistency of the translated text;

-       At least one editor, who is a subject matter expert educated in the relevant subject from a textbook of similar quality in English with proficient knowledge of Azerbaijani language;

-       At least one consultant as an additional subject matter expert involved from the relevant university departments.

Expected Deliverables

BP expects delivery of 200 copies of each selected book in Azerbaijani language, published at highest quality with legal permission form the copyright owner, and handed over to the relevant university departments in Azerbaijan.   

Selection procedures and criteria:

The applicant parties should have:

-       Legal registration;

-       Experience in translation of academic texts/technical language;

-       Good reputation and good relations with universities;

-       Relationship and willingness to work with universities, students and other relevant stakeholders.

The selection of the project concepts will be carried out on the basis of the below-mentioned criteria. It is possible, that BP will select more than one project concept. Once selected, applicants will be contacted for information and the selected concepts will be modified and developed into a complete project proposal by the applicant. The project proposal(s) will then be presented before a Social Investment and Sponsorship Panel, which decides whether the proposal(s) will be funded.

-          Need assessment: concept papers should justify that the demand exists for the outcomes they want to achieve;

-          Cost-efficiency: proposed projects should aim at maximum impact on the beneficiaries with minimum costs; costs per page of an average book in the considered academic fields will be taken into account in the proposals.

-          Capacity building: proposed project should deliver significant skills and knowledge transfer and/or capacity building to beneficiaries.

-          Cooperation and matching resources: proposed projects should invite other stakeholders and leverage third party resources, establish formal and informal networks to increase impact.

-          Participation: proposed projects should ensure high level of involvement by beneficiaries, authorities and entities involved in the implementation of proposed activities. This also implies involvement of students and university personnel as beneficiary groups;

-          Evaluation and monitoring: proposed projects should state internal mechanisms of monitoring measuring achievement of expected project results, objectives, and success;

-          Prevention of duplication: proposed projects should avoid duplicating the efforts of companies, international and local agencies or government. A thorough needs assessment of the available literature and materials should be screened before identifying the textbooks for publication;

Project staffing: proposed projects should be carried out by experienced project managers with the involvement of an expert with the technical expertise relevant to the project support content; 

Concept paper submission instructions:

-          Call is open for concept paper submissions by legal entities i.e. LLC’s, NGO’s and CSO’s;

-          Applicants can decide to apply alone or jointly with other organizations/companies;

-          Concept papers should aim at the fulfilment of at least, but not limited to, one of the objectives to contribute to the achievement of the goal;

-          BP sees development assistance as a cooperation framework. Therefore, though applicants are not required to co-fund the initiatives, however, they have to contribute with their material and human resources at hand for the success of the project;

-          The presented concept papers should not exceed 3000 words altogether;

-          Concept papers must be submitted in MS Word and should include:

-          Projects highlights;

-          Background and preliminary needs assessment results in accordance with the provisions of the relevant needs-assessment session above;

-          The objectives (one, or more) it chooses to fulfil;

-          The list of the proposed activities for the fulfilment of the expected results, including the implementation plan (lay out in months) with anticipated timeframe;

-          Areal focus and target group(s);

-          Preliminary budget with detailed breakdown of costs down to the last indivisible item for materials and services with justification and description of cost-items in detail in the budget list (to be submitted in MS Excel);

-          Concept papers should specify:

-          The name of the applying organization;

-          Tax registration number;

-          A brief history of past activities and lessons learned;

-          Contact information for 2-3 senior members within organization, including phone numbers, address, and email.


All costs and expenses incurred by a submitter in preparing and submitting concept papers and/or proposals shall be to the submitter’s account. BP is not liable for any costs related to the preparation and submission of concept papers and proposals.

Concept papers and all communication shall be channeled electronically via: by 09:00, 13th of February, 2017. Any inquires or requests for clarifications concerning this call should be submitted in writing to