Responding to Azerbaijan’s challenges

Since the Contract of the Century, our technologies and expertise have been applied in the giant Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) field.  From early 2D and 3D towed streamer seismic surveys to begin our understanding of the reservoirs - and how to deliver the first Azeri development.

Always pushing at the limits of technology to deal with challenges, many of which are unique to operating in this basin:

Azerbaijan’s technical challenges

A range of BP’s technology responses

Geologically young reservoirs in a tectonically active basin have resulted in soft, weakly consolidated sediments with large pressure differentials across zones
  • Advanced Completion Design
  • Downhole Sand, Water and Gas Management (Mechanical and Chemical)
  • Concentric Coiled Tubing Sand Clean-Out
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensor
The Caspian is land-locked, impacting drilling equipment availability. This constrains the number of reservoir penetrations made each year; in short, every well drilled must deliver and sustain maximum productivity.
  • BP Well Advisor – Casing Runing Console, Cementing Console
  • Auto Choke Bean Up
  • Slug Controller
  • Distributed Temperature Sensor
ACG is vast, equivalent in length to Greater London, yet is being developed from just six platforms. 
  • Extended reach drilling
  • Uphole Recompletions with Sand Control
Complex ocean floor topography, such as mud volcanoes and scarps
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic
  • Full Waveform Inversion
  • Finite Difference Modelling
Shah Deniz drilling is at the frontier, with narrow pore fracture margins and high pressures. Shafag Asiman will build on experience with Shah Deniz 2 - deep, high pressure drilling and production
  • Borehole Strengthening (StressCage)
  • No Drilling Surprises Console
  • Finite Element Model
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Wellhead Fatigue Management