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BP is one of the largest private-sector investors in Alaska, and BP's investments extend beyond its business to the communities where the company operates and where BP's employees and their families live
Habitat Humanity volunteers

BP’s employees contribute to more than 700 community and education organizations and more than 230 youth teams throughout Alaska. They also contribute thousands of volunteer hours. The company supports these efforts though matching employee donations, volunteer hours and fundraising efforts. Last year, BP provided more than $3.5 million to support nonprofit and educational organizations and programs in Alaska.


BP also supports many educational and workforce development programs in Alaska. Since 1985, more than 700 Alaska high school graduates have received scholarships from BP worth $3 million. BP also awards process technology scholarships to students selected for two-year process technology degree programs at the University of Alaska campuses on the Kenai Peninsula, in Anchorage and in Fairbanks. In addition, BP supports the University of Alaska's Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program.


Look below for more information on these scholarship programs.


Requesting community support


To submit a request for funding, please complete the form below. The BP community request form is applicable to eligible Alaska nonprofit organizations only.

Teacher of Excellence - Chris Villano
Teacher of Excellence - Laura Beck

Education programs

BP Teachers of Excellence

The BP Teachers of Excellence program recognizes the outstanding efforts of teachers at elementary, junior and senior high school levels in both the public and private sectors.


BP has recognized more than 750 outstanding educators through the Teachers of Excellence program. If you know a great teacher and would like to submit a nomination for the BP Teachers of Excellence Award, please complete the Teacher Nomination form.


Nominate your teacher today at the BP Teachers of Excellence website


If you have questions or would like additional information, please call: 1-888-530-8962 or 907-564-4001


BP scholarship programs

BP Principals' and Commissioner's Scholarship Program

Since 1985, BP has partnered with the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals to annually provide scholarships to 25 graduating Alaskan seniors who pursue four-year degrees. Each of the 25 recipients receives $4,000. One of the chosen 25 is selected by the commissioner of education to receive an additional $10,000 (for a total of $14,000).


High school principals from around the state nominate students based upon academic achievement, leadership potential, community involvement and financial need. Final selections are made by the Board of Directors of the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals.


Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals


BP Process Technology Scholarship Program

Students seeking training and employment in process technology may be eligible for financial assistance. The process technology sector includes oil and gas companies and public utilities that use and control mechanical, physical or chemical processes to produce a final product.


Students enrolling or currently enrolled in the process technology two-year degree program offered at the University of Alaska – Anchorage, Fairbanks or Kenai are eligible to apply for one of five scholarships awarded annually.


The scholarships of $2,500 per semester can total up to $10,000 per student.


For more information and an application form, visit the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium website