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Wind Energy sites


BPWE is the operating partner of the Cedar Creek 2 wind farm in Weld County. This 30,000-acre site has 122 turbines with a total capacity to generate over 248 MW of wind power. This is enough electricity to power approximately 65,000 average homes for a year.

Wind turbines and horses


Situated on a 5,400-acre site on the island of Maui, the Auwahi wind farm uses eight wind turbines to generate 21 MW of electricity. Its output can power the equivalent of 5,600 homes each year. BPWE is a non-operating partner of Auwahi.


BPWE owns and operates the Flat Ridge 1 wind farm and is the operating partner in the Flat Ridge 2 wind farm, both located west of Wichita. Spanning over 70,000 acres in Barber, Harper, Kingman and Sumner counties, these two farms have 314 turbines with the capacity to generate 520 MW of electricity, or enough to power about 140,000 average homes.

Cow and wind turbine, Kansas


BPWE is the operating partner of Goshen North wind farm. Situated on about 11,000 acres in Bonneville County, just east of Idaho Falls, Goshen’s 83 wind turbines can generate up to 124.5 MW of electricity. This is enough to power about 33,000 average homes annually.


In Benton County, BPWE operates the Fowler Ridge 1, 2 and 3 wind farms. Spanning over 42,000 acres, these farms have 355 wind turbines with 600 MW of total generating capacity, which can power about 160,000 homes for a year.

Wind turbines
Wind turbine


BPWE is the operating partner of Mehoopany wind farm. The 9,000-acre site in Wyoming County features 88 wind turbines with the capacity to generate 141 MW of power – enough to provide electricity to 38,000 average homes annually.

South Dakota

Situated on 7,500 acres in Hand County, Titan 1 wind farm is wholly owned and operated by BPWE. The farm has 10 turbines with the capacity to generate 25 MW of wind energy – enough to power about 6,700 average homes annually.

Wind turbine


BPWE's headquarters is located in Houston, along with a Remote Operations Center that centrally monitors all bp-operated wind farms – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – while working with colleagues in the field to enhance performance, reliability and safety.