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Working in South Africa

We have a workforce of more than 1,000 people who come from all kinds of backgrounds - it’s this rich diversity that makes us such a high-performing team
Refinery worker Comfort Shezi on the pier in front of an oil tanker at Satrep Refinery, island view terminal in Durban, South Africa.

Why bp Africa?

We are committed to creating a working environment in which inclusion and diversity are valued.


Our employees know what is expected of them in their jobs and are treated fairly.


We conduct our business with integrity, and respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual.


We present our employees with excellent induction and orientation throughout their careers, and incorporate their feedback to continuously improve our processes.


We develop the careers of our employees by helping them achieve their goals and grow their talents.


Using competency-based assessments for development, we train our people to be the best at whatever they do.


We equip our employees with a level of expertise that is highly valued in the broader workplace.


We recognise achievement and loyalty, and reward our employees competitively.

Rewards and benefits

Our approach to managing people and developing their skills is consistent with the principles of our brand. We respect the rights and dignity of all our employees – everyone who works for bp contributes to our success and to creating a distinctive company.


Working together, drawing from our diverse talents and perspectives, we will stimulate new and creative opportunities for our business. Collectively we will generate a more exciting and rewarding work environment in which every individual feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company.


Do you share our commitment and our vision for social responsibility and company, team & individual growth? Do you strive to make a difference every day? Then a career with bp could be just the thing for you!

Inside the Internal Systems Programme Department and Customer Services offices located at the BP Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.


bp remains strongly committed to providing competitive salaries and benefits. At bp, you can earn a fully integrated reward package, which comprises base salary, variable pay and benefits.


When you become a bp employee, you can expect to be recognised and competitively rewarded for your performance - not just through your base pay, but also through several variable pay plans and share programmes.


Here is a summary of the compensation components: Total Cost to Company (TCOE), a year-end bonus (13th cheque), performance bonuses, a provident fund, medical aid group life insurance, car benefits, spot bonuses, employee share plans and generous leave.


In addition to the above, the company offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and a Wellness Programme. Apart from helping you to keep fit and healthy, these activities will also provide you with great opportunities to meet and network with your bp colleagues.


Akhona Ntsele, Programme Manager for BPSA Education Foundation Trust working with a colleague at the BP office in Johannesburg, South Africa

Employment equity

bp Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd views employment equity as a key component of our business policies, which include developing a working environment in which diversity is valued and encouraged.


Our diversity strategy emphasises the importance of the differences that various people bring to the workplace, and the inclusion of all people and ideas. Being inclusive requires elimination of intentional and unintentional exclusionary behaviour. This means that there is no place in our workplaces for favouritism or disrespectful behaviour.


We have zero tolerance for harassment, unlawful discrimination or hate.


Our Employment Equity policies were designed to ensure that these principles are adhered to in our workplaces, and that all skills are fully utilised to achieve our business objectives. These policies also assist us in fulfilling our Code of Conduct, which requires us to have respect for different cultures, as well as the dignity and rights of individuals in all the countries we operate in.


We at bp Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd are committed to complying with the ethos and spirit of the Employment Equity Act. We do this not because it is required by law, but because employment equity is fundamental to redressing the disadvantages our employees have experienced as a result of past societal discrimination. We do this to ensure the advancement of all our people.


In compliance with the legislation:

  • We intend to put in place a strategy to consult all relevant stakeholders, and to audit our policies and procedures for all forms of discrimination.
  • We aim to prepare an employment equity plan that sets realistic targets and objectives.
  • We will constantly monitor ourselves against compliance with our stated principles.
  • We will strive to give maximum effect to our obligations

The Employment Equity Act regards training and development as key positive measures. This legislation is in our business interests and will enable us to fulfil our commitment to our employees, by helping them to develop their capabilities.


In fact, the process will at all times be governed by commitment to our employees, which places emphasis on fair treatment, as well as the principles of dignity and equal respect.


Employment equity is linked to our corporate guiding principles – we intend to fully comply with our legal obligations and implement our employment equity plan.

It is important to follow guidelines on resourcing, as they are in accordance with bp’s values as an innovative, progressive, and performance-driven organisation. These guidelines ensure that bp continues to maintain high standards world-wide, and employs people with the best talents, where their skills are most needed.

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