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Quarterly results

BP’s first quarter results demonstrate resilient earnings and cash flow through a volatile period, continued momentum and marketing growth, and strong progress on reducing emissions
BP`s first-quarter 2019 results


Brian Gilvary, chief financial officer hosted a webcast covering our results for the first quarter. This was followed by a question and answer session.

1Q 2019


BP’s performance this quarter demonstrates the strength of our strategy. With solid Upstream and Downstream delivery and strong trading results, we produced resilient earnings and cash flow through a volatile period that began with weak market conditions and included significant turnarounds. Moving through the year, we will keep our focus on disciplined growth, with efficient project execution and safe and reliable operations. Bob Dudleygroup chief executive



In numbers

Download the key numbers from our first quarter 2019 results in an infographic

BP`s first quarter 2019 results highlights
BP`s first quarter 2019 results highlights

1Q in detail

  • Earnings and cash flow
    • Underlying replacement cost profit for the first quarter of 2019 was $2.4 billion, compared to $2.6 billion a year earlier. The result reflected the weaker price and margin environment at the start of the quarter, partially offset by strong supply and trading results.
    • Operating cash flow, excluding Gulf of Mexico oil spill payments, for the quarter was $5.9 billion, including a $1.0-billion working capital build (after adjusting for inventory holding gains). Gulf of Mexico oil spill payments in the quarter were $0.6 billion.
    • Dividend of 10.25 cents a share announced for the quarter, 2.5% higher than a year earlier.
  • New projects and marketing growth
    • Reported oil and gas production for the quarter averaged 3.8 million barrels a day of oil equivalent. Upstream production, which excludes Rosneft, was 2% higher than a year earlier. BP-operated Upstream plant reliability was 96.2%.
    • Integration of US onshore assets acquired from BHP continues, with BP taking operational control in March.
    • Three Upstream major projects – in Trinidad, Egypt and the Gulf of Mexico – have started production in 2019 and BP has taken final investment decisions for three more Upstream major projects.
    • Downstream continued growth in fuels marketing reflected increased numbers of convenience partnership sites and expansion in new markets.
  • Advancing low carbon
    • Strong progress is being made towards BP’s published targets for operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with reduced operational GHG emissions in 2018, good delivery of sustainable GHG emissions reductions, and methane intensity remaining on target.
    • A $100-million fund to support new emissions-reducing projects in the Upstream was announced, as well as an agreement with Environmental Defense Fund to advance technologies and practices to reduce oil and gas industry methane emissions.

Webcast presentation slides

BP Magazine`s 1Q 2019 results infographic

BP Magazine's 1Q 2019 results infographic 

From the key numbers to the latest updates on projects and emissions-reductions, see this quarter’s highlights from BP

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