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EV charging

We plan to invest £1 billion in the UK over the next 10 years in electric vehicle charging in the UK, supercharging the roll-out of fast, convenient charging across the country

Keeping drivers moving
We intend to invest up to £18bn in the UK’s energy system by the end of 2030 (from 2022), including in electric vehicle charging in the UK.

We're supporting drivers to make the switch to EVs by running one of the largest rapid and ultra-fast EV public charging network in the UK - bp pulse - currently operating thousands of charging points across the country.


We’re focused on reliable rapid and ultra-fast charging, rolling out charge points to consumers and commercial fleets wherever they need them – destination, depot and on-the-go – including across a number of bp retail sites.


Over seventy per cent of the UK population lives within a five-mile radius of a bp pulse rapid or ultra-fast charger and we’re building hundreds of on-the-go hubs ready for 2030, connecting more regions and major transport routes with more rapid and ultra-fast charging. Rolling out charging hubs is central to the bp pulse strategy, offering drivers the charging speeds they want, in the locations they need them.


That’s going to mean more electric chargers in the locations drivers need them. This includes our collaboration with M&S, through which we’re rolling out hundreds of ultra-fast and rapid chargers at M&S stores across the UK. 


In 2023, bp pulse:

  • Opened nine new EV charging hubs, including the country’s largest to date at the NEC in Birmingham.
  • Facilitated around 2.6 million charging sessions on the bp pulse UK network.
  • Doubled the number of ultra-fast charge points on its network, compared to the same time in 2023.1

bp pulse is trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations to provide the charging solutions they need to go further and faster in the transition to all-electric fleets. From Britain’s biggest fleet operator, Royal Mail, to the London Fire Brigade, our fast and reliable depot, on-the-go and ‘fleet at home’ charging is helping more organisations to get from A to B on electricity.

1 Number of public bp pulse ultra-fast charge points at the end of November 22 vs at the end of November 2023

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