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We’re designing and developing world-class hydrogen hubs in the UK

bp is investing in low carbon blue and green hydrogen
To help meet the government’s target to produce 10GW of low-carbon hydrogen by 2030, and for hydrogen to become a secure, low-carbon replacement for fossil fuels, bp is designing and developing world-class hydrogen hubs in the UK.
  • Together, H2Teesside and HyGreen have the potential to produce over 15% of the UK government’s hydrogen production target by 2030 
  • Our plans for the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub – through bp Aberdeen Hydrogen Energy Limited, a joint venture with Aberdeen City Council – could initially produce enough green hydrogen to fuel 25 buses a day and a range of other fleet vehicles or customers. The Hub has the capacity to scale up in a second or third phase in line with the potential growth in hydrogen demand. Phase 2 could see production scaled up to supply over three tonnes per day of green hydrogen for road, rail and freight and marine, by 2030. It could also see hydrogen supply for heat in buildings. Phase three could scale up further to supply hydrogen for export 
  • Just one of our hydrogen projects, H2Teesside, could support 1,200 jobs per year during construction and approximately 600 jobs per year once operational

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for low-carbon hydrogen production and wants to see it used to help overcome the challenges of decarbonisation.
We’re playing our part in making this a reality by investing millions of pounds, supporting new and existing jobs, and regenerating and revitalising the surrounding areas.
In Teesside, we’re planning to build two large-scale hydrogen production facilities – H2Teesside (blue hydrogen) and HyGreen Teesside (green hydrogen). Together, these projects could help transform Teesside into a world-class low carbon hydrogen hub capable of supplying up to 1.7 GW, over 15% of the UK government’s ambition for 10GW of hydrogen production by 2030. 
We’re also exploring the development of Teesside into the UK’s first major hydrogen transport hub.

H2Teesside and HyGreen projects can play an important role in generating thousands of skilled jobs in Teesside, potentially supporting 1,800 jobs per year during construction and, once operational, around 700 jobs per year. 
In Aberdeen, through bp Aberdeen Hydrogen Limited - a joint venture with Aberdeen City Council - we plan to deliver a scalable green hydrogen production, storage and distribution facility in the city powered by renewable energy. The proposed facility would involve building a green hydrogen production and vehicle refuelling facility, powered by a purpose-built solar farm, linked by an underground solar grid connection. The current project ambition is to have the facility producing hydrogen in 2025.
Our hydrogen projects could provide low-carbon energy to industry and residential homes, be used as a fuel for heavy transport and support the creation of sustainable fuels, including bio and e-fuels, as we progress towards net zero by 2050.