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Contractor information

Contractors are an integral part of fulfilling our goals, which are simply stated: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment

Find  important information to assist you in working safety with USPL, including HSSE policies, forms, toolkits, BP-specific programs, links to industry websites and OQ training information.


New contractor toolkit available

Date: 28 October 2019


The Q3-2019 Contractor Toolkit is now available!

In this issue, you’ll find useful information regarding the following:

  • What's your exposure? – OSHA’s top 10 violations list for 2019, error precursors caused by design.
  • HSSE Spotlight – Human performance corner.
  • HSSE safety share – Lessons learned review board results
  • Good catch/Near miss highlights and more!

What good looks like!


A laborer noticed that a hydrovac truck was not grounded after it was moved to a new location. They stopped what they were doing to have the truck properly grounded. Positive feedback was provided to the worker for performing a second check over the work area after a change of conditions. This is another example of how the crews in USPL are utilizing human factors to ensure the job is done safely! Great job crew!



Contractor onboarding
Golden rules of safety
Contractor toolkit
USPL safety policies
Golden rules of safety
Contractor toolkit

Contractor toolkit

The Contractor toolkit was created to call attention to key safety concerns and to share and reinforce the BP values with our contractors.

USPL safety policies