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Contractor information

Contractors are an integral part of fulfilling our goals, which are simply stated: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment


Find important information to assist you in working safety with bp Terminals & Pipelines, including HSSE policies, forms, lessons learned, bp T&P specific programs, links to industry websites and OQ training information.


Working with our Business Partners to make bp a cyber-resilient organization

A message for our suppliers


Cyber security is one of bp’s highest priority risks, that we take very seriously, with breaches presenting a risk to the security of our information, digital systems, and operations. Last year a number of companies operating in the energy sector experienced cyber-attacks. We do understand that cyber risks are one of the areas that we will have to continue to be alert to as we progress, and our business evolves.


There is a strong likelihood that cyber attackers will target our suppliers to gain access to information or systems. We recognise the need to work together with you (our suppliers) to share the role of protecting our information and systems.


If you, as a bp supplier, suffer an actual security breach that impacts bp or you identify a potential risk or threat to bp’s information or IT systems you must report it without delay to our Security Operations Centre as well as your usual point of contact within bp.


Information security requirement details are included in supplier contracts. Our request is that if you experience any issues or suspect one please do follow the relevant contractual obligations, including but not limited to, informing bp immediately as follows:


For further information please see bp cyber security and supplier portal on www.bp.com.

What good looks like!

An Asset Operator Designee (AOD), overseeing the installation of pipe supports with helical pile foundations, was conducting a pre-task risk assessment with the contractor. During their discussion, the contractor informed him that they planned to attach a helical pile to the excavator’s pile driving attachment and then lift the pile over the active pipeline into position on the other side of the pipe. The AOD decided to reach out to HSE&C and confirm whether the lift would be considered “critical” and require a Lift Checklist, L2 HITRA, and notifications. Because the lift did not involve rigging, it was determined that the Lifting and Rigging Policy was not applicable in this case. Instead, an alternative method to safely move the helical pile into position was agreed on, and the work proceeded safely. We applaud the AOD for raising up his questions and concerns. We are One Team!


Golden rules of safety
bp T&P safety policies

bp Terminals & Pipelines safety policies

Digital R&I Report

Digital Repair & Inspection Report

The Digital Repair and Inspection Report (R&IR) application is an intuitive data gathering solution that T&P has deployed to replace paper R&IR forms