BP is the second largest oil company operating in Mozambique.

BP began operating in Mozambique in the 1920s, in partnership with Shell under the management of BP. In 1978, Shell left Mozambique and BP took over its assets and customers. Since then, BP continues to operate solely with no external shareholding and is currently the biggest foreign oil company in the country. 

BP Mozambique is a supply and marketing business within the Southern African Fuels Value Chain (SA FVC). The business comprises retail, commercial, aviation and lubes operations. It is also a terminal provider for third party marketers and third party overland traders that supply the East African market. 

The re-commissioning of Nacala is one of several refurbishment and upgrade projects that BP is undertaking in Mozambique over the next three years, valued at millions of US dollars, in order to ensure security of fuel supply service to the nation. In addition to the Nacala terminal project, BP plans to also recapitalise the Matola and Beira terminals. The company will also refurbish its fuel station network, storage depots and aviation fuel supply capabilities at the new Maputo airport. 

In addition to its Business-to-Consumer operations, BP Mozambique supplies fuel to various industries and also sells lubricants, solvents and aviation fuel. 

Although BP Mozambique has an 18% market share it is the market leader in the supply of Lubricants (35% market share) and Aviation Fuels (more than 50% market share). The company owns 28 retail outlets in the country and has a presence at all 8 airports.

Our people and partners

There are around 150 BP Mozambique employees, most of whom work in the Maputo Office, the Beira and Nacala Terminals, and others at the airfields all over the country. All of them are locals, but occasionally we hire expertise from elsewhere in the region.