Safety, health and security

Everything BP aims to do as a company relies upon the safety of our operations, workforce and the communities around us

Safety is our top priority - driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system. 

We strive to create and maintain safe and healthy working environments and to apply robust operating and maintenance practices at our facilities. 

Leadership and culture

BP’s senior management has set clear expectations designed to help all leaders excel as safety leaders and to embed a strong safety culture with all employees. Safety is one of our five values that guide us to act in a certain way. Additionally, our code of conduct clarifies the basic rules our people must follow including expectations for operating safely, responsibly and reliably. Our leaders reinforce the message that it is not just ‘what’ we do, but ‘how’ we do it that is important. 

In their performance reviews employees set priorities that relate to our values, including for safety and risk management.


We take a rigorous approach to the management of risk with the goal of delivering strong safety performance.

Like other operating businesses across BP, we in BP Angola are accountable for delivering safe, reliable and compliant operations, with responsibility for identifying and managing risks and bringing together people with the right skills and competencies. Deployed safety specialists hold the authority to guide and, if needed, intervene in technical and operational activities. Safety and operational risk (S&OR) staff also monitor operations with the aim of making sure that operations comply with the group’s operating management system.Day-to-day risk identification and management occurs in our operations and functions. We assess and manage the range of operating risks we face with reference to our operating management system. We take action to improve the management of risk where necessary and carry out quarterly risk assessments which include major accident risk and other potentially high-consequence risks.

South Africa

Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce and the communities around us

Health and safety:

To ensure that no one is subject to unnecessary risk or harm while working for the group.

Environmentally sound operations:

To conduct the group’s activities in a manner that, consistent with the board’s goals, is environmentally responsible with the aspiration of ‘no damage to the environment’. The group will seek to lower the environmental impact of its operations by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, and by using energy efficiently.

Transcending the environmental trade-off:

To contribute to human progress by applying the group’s resources in such a way that the perceived trade off, between global access to heat, light, mobility and the protection and improvement of the natural environment, may be overcome.