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bp expands global network with a new bunkering location: Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia

BP Marine is proud to announce the addition of Port Kembla as a new bunkering location for customers visiting Australia. Situated in NSW, BP Marine is now able to provide a safe, reliable and high-quality bunkering alternative for companies visiting the East Coast. Partnering with Park Petroleum, BP Marine is able to service your marine fuel requirements via dedicated pipelines and a road tanker fleet, to provide ultimate flexible on-time-in-full delivery service to customers. BP Marine’s newest port will add to its existing network across Australia and New Zealand and will be focused on delivering quality imported VLSFO to all the key berths in Port Kembla.


Safety and Quality Products are our focus

Safely and consistently delivering on-specification products to our customers in full and on time, consistently throughout our port network is at the core of our business. We conduct stringent product testing during the manufacturing and delivery process to ensure all of our products meet the ISO 8217 requirements.


Customer Commitment


BP Marine’s commitment to our customers is a simple one: to consistently deliver quality products with outstanding levels of service throughout our network of strategically based ports in Australia and around the world. We are continuously improving our execution of the essentials that your business depends upon and providing value added services.


For your next fuel requirement in Port Kembla, please contact your local BP Marine representative or email the team.