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Mars owns a strategic major corridor crude oil pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, delivering offshore crude oil production, received from Mississippi Canyon platforms, to shore, terminating in salt dome caverns in Clovelly, Louisiana. At Clovelly, Mars is connected to the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (“LOOP”) Clovelly storage terminal. At LOOP, Mars has access to a cavern, which provides the pipeline and producers with operational flexibility and protection for volumes transported from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes

  • BPMP owns a 28.5% interest in Mars
    • ~163 miles of 16, 18, and 24–inch pipeline
    • Mainline capacity of 400 kbpd(1) 
  • Transports crude oil production received from the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico, including the Olympus platform, the Mars A platform, the Medusa and Ursa pipelines, and from the Green Canyon and Walker Ridge areas via Amberjack pipeline connection at Fourchon, Louisiana, to shore, terminating at the salt dome caverns in Clovelly, Louisiana
    • Connected to the LOOP storage complex which has access to multiple downstream markets
    • Positioned to allow additional connections from new production platforms and supply pipelines
  • Major corridor crude oil pipeline system in a high-growth area of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Affiliates of Shell operate and own the remaining 71.5% interest in Mars