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Investor FAQs

What assets does BP Midstream Partners LP own?

Click here to read about our assets and operations. 

Will BP Midstream Partners LP pay cash distributions?
  • Yes, BP Midstream Partners LP expects to pay a quarterly distribution to the extent it has sufficient available cash after the establishment of cash reserves and the payment of costs and expenses.
  • Our limited partnership agreement does not require us to pay distributions at any time or in any amount.  Instead, the board of directors of our general partner will adopt a cash distribution policy to be effective as of the closing of the offering that will set forth our general partner’s intention with respect to the distributions to be made to unitholders.
  • Our limited partnership agreement specifies the manner in which we will make cash distributions to holders of our common and subordinated units as well as to our general partner in respect of its incentive distribution rights.  For a description of these cash distribution provisions, please read “How We Make Distributions to Our Partners” in our registration statement on Form S-1 (“Registration Statement”), including the prospectus constituting a part thereof (“Prospectus”) SEC filing S-1 and associated amendments.
When are the cash distributions paid?

The board of directors of our general partner adopted a cash distribution policy substantially as described in the Registration Statement and Prospectus to be effective as of the closing of the offering.

Who is BP Midstream Partners LP’s transfer agent?

The contact information for EQ can be found on the “Unitholder information” page of our website

On what exchange do BP Midstream Partners LP’s common units trade, and what is the ticker symbol?

BP Midstream Partners LP’s common units trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BPMP.

Did BP plc shareholders automatically receive common units of BP Midstream Partners LP as part of its initial public offering?

No. Current shareholders of BP plc’s ordinary and American Depositary shares did not automatically receive common units of BP Midstream Partners LP (BPMP). The common units are publicly traded and may be purchased on the open market.

When is the next BP Midstream Partners LP earnings release date?

We will release earnings each quarter and will announce the release date and time via media advisory several weeks in advance. Click here to view BPMP’s financial calendar or click here to view our Events & Presentations.

When can I expect my Schedule K-1?

BP Midstream Partners LP intends to furnish to each unitholder, within 90 days after the close of each calendar year, specific tax information including Schedule K-1, which describes such unitholder’s share of BP Midstream Partners LP’s income, gain, loss, and deduction for the preceding taxable year. Tax information can be accessed here.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my units? Who do I contact if I have a question about the business?
  • If you are a registered unitholder, contact shareholder services at EQ
  • If your units are held in street name through your own brokerage account, contact your broker directly.
  • If you have a question relating to the BP Midstream Partners LP business, contact the BP Midstream Partners LP Investor Relations departments at +1 (832) 664-6996 or
How can I purchase common units of BP Midstream Partners, LP?

BPMP does not currently offer a direct stock purchase program (“DSPP”). Please contact your stockbroker or financial advisor to purchase BPMP’s common units listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

What can BPMP’s transfer agent do for me?

EQ Unitholder Services are responsible for maintaining the records of registered shareholders. Please contact EQ with inquiries about:

  • Address changes (Seasonal or permanent)
  • Direct deposit of distributions
  • Distribution payments
  • Distribution reinvestment
  • Duplicate mailings
  • Lost distribution checks
  • Lost stock certificates
  • Name changes
  • Shareholder records
  • Stock transfers
How can I request a copy of the SEC filings and other publications?

We make our periodic reports and other information filed with or furnished to the SEC available, free of charge, through our website where you can download and print reports directly.