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We’re looking for people to join us in a variety of roles across our business, engineering, science and supply and trading functions
Aysel's career journey with BP

bp in Azerbaijan

Baku, home of our head office, is Azerbaijan’s historical capital city. It sits right on the Caspian coast and our employees working in the elegant, tree-lined centre. The city is home to exclusive boutiques and fantastic restaurants. There’s plenty to see and do too, with a multitude of parks, beaches, galleries and museums. The office is modern and boasts a large variety of organized activities, including sports clubs, formal balls and regular get-togethers.


Even employees working offshore have a whole host of recreational activities to choose from. Our platforms usually contain gyms, TVs, DVDs, games consoles and fun, team activities like table tennis.


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Summer Intern Showcase

Our interns can participate in a competition called Summer Intern Showcase. The competition is designed to give interns the opportunity to share their projects and ideas with the wider bp community. All the teams demonstrate how their work supports safety and risk management, business impact and technical excellence.


For any additional information, you can email the recruitment team at grads&interns@bp.com

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