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UK scholarships

Supporting the education and development of the students as they pursue their undergraduate degree

The scholarship programme is available at eight of our partner universities; to students studying subjects that are of strategic importance to bp.  It focuses on supporting the education and development of undergraduates as they pursue their undergraduate degree as well as introducing them to the energy industry and the opportunities within it.


All applicants will be evaluated based on academic record, work experience, community/extracurricular involvement, alignment with the bp values and motivation towards bp and the programme.


As you can imagine, we receive a high volume of applications for the bp Scholarship and so we would advise that you take some time to consider your answers and look to get across as much relevant information as you can. Read the questions carefully and make sure that you respond to each part. If you are successful in the process you will be awarded with £3,000 for each academic year starting from the second year of your studies. 


The Scholarship will support you for up to a maximum of three years and (on the condition that you achieve an overall mark of 2:1, or equivalent each year and that you participate in at least two of the Scholarship Programme engagement events).


Holding the bp Scholar title also entitles you to fast track to a technical interview, getting you one step further to an internship or graduate role with bp.


Good luck!

Match your degree

Use our pdf chart to see what opportunities you can apply for at bp.

Application process

  • Online application form (where relevant, please choose your university from the list below to apply).
  • Online situationaljudgement questionnaire (SJQ) – an un-timed test looking at alignment to the bp values.
  • Online verbal and numerical reasoning tests.
  • Virtual Interview.
  • On-campus face to face interview with the bp talent acquisition team.

Apply now

The scholarship programme is available at eight of our partner universities: