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BP invests in ultra-fast charging battery company StoreDot

BP has announced a $20 million investment in ultra-fast-charging battery start-up company StoreDot, which is developing technology that could eventually see electric vehicle (EV) charging times fall to five minutes.

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Energy, economy and environment: the stats on sustainability

What happens to old oil platforms? What's BP's gender balance? Why is BP helping to count turtles in Angola?


  • 15 June 2018
    Engineering the future: 'my first offshore project'

    Meet Esmira Qudratova. She joined the energy industry less than five years ago and has already worked on one of BP’s largest global projects, which is bringing Azerbaijani gas from the Caspian Sea to Turkey and, by 2021, to the heart of Europe for the first time. A mechanical engineer by training, she’s seen and touched most of the project’s new infrastructure now sitting offshore. Here’s what she has to say about her experiences so far…

  • 1 May 2018
    'On a strong trajectory': production growth and kit reliability boost first quarter profit

    The oil price may be at its highest for three years, but there is much more to BP’s impressive first quarter performance than a stronger environment, says chief financial officer, Brian Gilvary, citing record reliability, rising production and a range of new activities all laying the foundations for further sustainable growth

  • 22 March 2018
    The human factor: safety as a people business

    How do people interact with their working environment? And how can a business set up its systems and procedures to support staff in critical tasks and minimize human error? BP's head of safety Bob Fryar reflects on the importance of human performance - and why good leadership is vital


  • 26 March 2018
    Fuelling the 'flying kangaroo': Air BP supplies historic 17-hour flight

    It once took four days and involved seven stops to make the journey by air between Australia and the UK. Today, seven decades on, passengers from Perth can be in London in 17 hours. Qantas has launched the first-ever flights to make the 9000-mile (14,500km) journey non-stop. And BP is providing one of the essential components for the new service – jet fuel, produced at its Kwinana refinery and supplied by Air BP

  • 19 December 2017
    All BP shoppers want for Christmas is...

    For those last-minute necessities that are forgotten by the elves, here's what customers around the world are buying from BP's shelves...

  • 8 November 2017
    A desert and a deadline: marking first gas in Oman

    For a country that is more than three quarters desert, Oman has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources – oil, copper, limestone and gypsum to name a few. Now, the country is about to take advantage of one of its most plentiful assets: gas. Thanks to the start-up of BP’s sixth major project in 2017, the Khazzan gas field is set to supply Oman for many decades to come


  • 30 May 2018
    Out of this world: Castrol's new InSight on Mars

    NASA’s latest mission to Mars is on its way - with a spacecraft carrying the InSight lander on a six-month cruise towards the red planet. Once there, precision instruments will carry out the planet’s first thorough check-up. To keep all those hi-tech parts running smoothly in outer space, NASA is once again turning to Castrol’s line of specialist lubricants

  • 24 May 2018
    Battery technology: a game-changer for the energy future?

    As BP announces its investment in a developer of electric vehicle batteries with the potential to charge in five minutes, BP Magazine looks at the technology today and its potential for the future with eight, AA battery-size, facts

  • 14 May 2018
    The ‘sliding doors’ of the energy future

    Two pathways, two alternative outcomes: asking 'what if' is a familiar plot device in fiction, but in the real world it can be an equally powerful tool when modelling the future. BP's latest Technology Outlook relates a story of alternatives, with researchers posing 'what if' questions about the future energy mix and the path of greenhouse gas emissions...


  • 1 May 2018
    1Q: Results in brief

    The headline numbers and highlights from BP's first quarter results for 2018

  • 25 April 2018
    Energy, economy and environment: the stats on sustainability

    What happens to old oil platforms? How much do staff donate to good causes? What’s BP’s gender balance? Why is BP helping to count turtles in Angola? The answers to all these questions and many more are found in the annual Sustainability Report, out now

  • 9 April 2018
    Downstream in 10: BP's manufacturing and marketing business in pictures

    Brands such as BP, Castrol, Aral and Amoco are arguably the public 'face' of BP to consumers around the globe. But behind these most recognizable brands are billion-dollar manufacturing and marketing operations, spanning more than 50 countries and employing 40,000 people. BP Magazine explores the downstream segment in 10 pictures