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Invoicing bp via non-SAP Business Network PO

Your bp buyer will inform you of the transaction process for supplying to bp and if you are not transacting with bp via the SAP Business Network (formerly known as Ariba Network) these guidelines will help you through the process 

If a purchase order is necessary, you must not start work on behalf of bp or supply goods until you have received the purchase order.

Your bp buyer will contact you for a quote of the required goods/services and will use this quote to raise the relevant purchase order.

If you have not received a purchase order and are ready to supply, please contact your business representative directly and request a purchase order. The purchase order number will be required in the invoice to be submitted.

Upon receipt of the purchase order, we request that you supply the goods/services within the indicated time frame. Should you be unable to fulfil the order requirements, please email your bp buyer with full details.

Once you have dispatched the goods or agreed the value of the services with your bp buyer, please submit your invoice for payment to the stated ‘bill to’ address on your purchase order and indicate your purchase order number in the invoice. 

Payment will be made in accordance with the relevant payment terms. Payment terms will start on receipt of a compliant invoice.

The purchase order number can be found in the ‘Information’ section at the top left-hand side of your purchase order.


The bill to address can be found in the lower box on the left-hand side of your purchase order.


For support with queries relating to POs please use the support / FAQs on this site or contact us via the supplier portal.

bp will accept invoices in PDF format only in countries/business entities where SAP Business Network invoicing is not yet enabled. This list includes bp e-mail addresses for PDF invoice documents. Please select the relevant country and bp transaction entity to obtain the mailbox information.

You should follow only one invoice submission channel. Please do not send your invoices several times through different routes as this will delay your invoice payment from being generated.

We do not recommend submitting invoices in paper form unless it is mandatory as per your local legal and fiscal requirements, and no alternative compliant electronic invoicing channel exists.

To ensure timely payment of invoices, you'll need to comply with our invoice submission guidelines which will help to ensure that invoices are paid in accordance with negotiated terms. Suppliers transacting with bp are reminded not to supply goods and/or services to bp without first receiving a valid bp purchase order (PO).