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Sustainability report: New goals, initial successes

Economical, responsible and innovative - characteristics that underline the motto “Reimagining energy for people and our planet”. Thus, first and foremost, we want to make bp a climate-neutral company by 2050 at the latest. Last year, we formulated ten goals for this purpose in order to reach net zero. In our current sustainability report, we have added ten more points to protect the planet and to improve people's lives.

More clean energy

By 2030 we aim to have developed 50GW renewable generating capacity – broadly enough to meet the power needs of 36 million people.  

Just transition

We support the Paris Agreement, which recognizes the importance of a just transition. 


Sustainable livelihoods

Our aim is helping more than 1 million people build sustainable livelihoods.




Greater equity

Our aim is greater diversity, equity and inclusion for our workforce and customers, and to increase supplier diversity spend to $1 billion.



Enhance wellbeing

We want to enhance the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and local communities. We will support them to proactively improve their physical and mental health.



Enhancing biodiversity

We want to make a positive impact through our actions to restore, maintain and enhance biodiversity.



Water positive by 2035

We aim to replenish more freshwater than we consume in our operations.




Championing nature-based solutions

We aim to use nature-based solutions (NbS) to deliver value and contribute to our people and planet aims ‎in our operations and through our business activities.



Unlock circularity

We want to keep materials in use for longer and value them throughout their life cycle.



Sustainable purchasing

We’ll work with our key suppliers to embed sustainable practices, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas ‎emissions and increasing the circularity of what we buy.‎

Our current sustainability report also shows that we are not just making announcements, but have already achieved initial successes. The share of our climate-neutral business transactions has risen to 16 per cent and we invested U$750 million in 2020 to continue on our chosen path. This includes wind and solar energy as well as hydrogen projects.