Every moment counts: Encouraging STEM through mentorship

By sharing personal experiences and creating “mentoring moments,” mentors can turn everyday interactions into meaningful opportunities to connect and engage with others.

Whether it’s having coffee with a colleague or exchanging ideas with a friend, these casual conversations can emerge as unexpected moments to share insights and spark inspiration. A mentoring moment doesn’t require a big time commitment or have to be part of a structured program. Instead, it is defined by its impact.

According to BP America Senior Vice President Cindy Yeilding, these small yet powerful connections are often just as valuable as formal mentoring relationships.

“It’s easy to slip these moments into your daily life,” Yeilding said. “None of this is in my job description, but these experiences constitute some of the most important parts of my day.”

Explore new ways to share your story and create your own mentoring moments to help inspire others. Visit bp.com/MWM for mentoring resources and to learn more about BP’s partnership with Million Women Mentors.