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Contractors are an integral part of fulfilling our goals, which are simply stated: No accidents, No harm to people and No damage to the environment. This website contains important information to assist you in working safety with USPL, including HSSE policies, forms, toolkits, BP-specific programs, links to industry websites and OQ training information.


29 May 2018

Revised ATW and driver safety policies

BP Pipelines has recently revised two safety policies:

  • Authorization to Work (ATW)
  • Vehicle and Driver Safety

One notable change is that all contractors should limit daily working hours to 14, if driving on BP business. Otherwise, most of the modifications to both policies do not impact contractors. Do take some time to review the policy revisions and determine their applicability to your workforce.

What good looks like!

A crew was assigned to abrasive blast pipeline equipment. The crew was very aware of the hazards of abrasive blasting and completed pre-work inspections of the equipment. During the inspection, the crew identified that the deadman switch was not performing properly. The crew did not start work until the switch was changed out and verified to be in proper working order. Great job crew!

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