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Contractors are an integral part of fulfilling our goals, which are simply stated: No accidents, No harm to people and No damage to the environment. This website contains important information to assist you in working safety with USPL, including HSSE policies, forms, toolkits, BP-specific programs, links to industry websites and OQ training information. If you have any questions or comments, contact Karen Jacobson.


17 January 2018

New Contractor Toolkit Available

Take some time to read the 2018 – Q1 Contractor toolkit. In this issue, you’ll find useful information regarding:

  • Starting 2018 off right.
  • Surviving winter hazards while driving and walking.
  • Preventing carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Learning from a crude oil tank release and good catches.
  • Understanding how grades are determined in ISNetworld.

What good looks like!

A welder was preparing to grind on newly laid welds to clean of slag. Before starting to grind, the welder did an inspection on the grinder, the grinding wheel and electrical cord to ensure they were in good working condition. The welder then completed a self-check to ensure they were wearing the proper PPE and that it was in good condition. The task was completed without any incidents. Great job crew!


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