Tank Inspection Program – Field Procedure

This course covers procedures for periodically inspecting onshore above ground storage tanks to assure tank integrity.

Students gain an understanding of requirements from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Lessons include:

'Initial fill' inspection of floating roof tanks:

  • General requirements
  • Internal floating roof tanks
  • External floating roof tanks

API 653 monthly/routine inspection of all tanks:

  • DOT Required monthly/routine in-service inspections
  • EPA 40 CFR monthly inspections (SPCC)
  • EPA 60 CFR additional requirements for NSPS Kb IFR tanks

Annual tank inspections – visual and seal gap measurements:

  • Annual inspection of breakout tanks
  • Annual inspection of floating roof tanks

Five (5) year tank inspection:

  • DOT required five year in-service inspections
  • EPA five year inspection of external floating roof tanks
  • EPA five year external bulk storage containers inspection

Inspection of internal floating roof tanks

API 653 internal inspection of all tanks

Tank repairs

Record keeping:

  • Tank inspection records
  • Tank repair records