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Colorado is home to a major portion of the San Juan Basin, one of North America’s leading sources of coalbed methane gas. BPX Energy is the largest operator in the Colorado portion of the basin, operating around 1,350 wells that span more net acres than a city twice the size of Denver. Its operations in the Colorado San Juan Basin are based out of Durango. The business also owns and operates Colorado’s Florida River gas plant, which processes up to 280 million cubic feet of methane per day.

New Mexico

BP’s BPX Energy business has about 2,600 operated and 5,100 non-operated wells in the New Mexico portion of the San Juan Basin. In 2017, the business announced that it had brought online a highly productive natural gas well in the basin’s Mancos Shale, highlighting the potential of the New Mexico field to be a significant new source of U.S. natural gas supply. The business also is a partial owner of the Blanco gas plant, which processes gas from about 8,000 wells in northern New Mexico.


BP’s BPX Energy business is a leading producer of so-called tight gas — gas found in extremely dense rock formations — in Oklahoma’s Arkoma, Woodford and Anadarko basins. It operates about 1,000 wells in the Arkoma and Woodford basins (in eastern and central Oklahoma), along with about 200 wells in the Anadarko Basin (in western Oklahoma). At the beginning of 2015, in a sign of its growing Oklahoma footprint, the business opened a regional office in Oklahoma City.


BPX Energy operates about 800 oil and gas wells in the East Texas Basin and about 1,200 wells in the Texas Panhandle. It also has an interest in another 1,500 wells in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale, through its joint venture with Lewis Energy. In 2017, the BPX Energy expanded its presence in the east Texas portion of the Haynesville–Bossier shale gas fairway, which is one of America’s deepest shale fairways.


BP’s Wyoming operations are anchored in the south-central part of the state in the Wamsutter field, one of America’s premier reservoirs of tight gas. The company’s BPX Energy business is the field’s largest operator, with about 2,000 wells. BP’s Wamsutter field was the site of the first large-scale onshore trial of advanced seismic technology nearly a decade ago.

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