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Truck and bus fleets support

Keep your fleet under control with bp fleet solutions, such as bp fuel cards ideal for both large and small businesses. Take advantage of our comprehensive fraud protection process, effective security options, 24/7 online services and accurate reports on fuel consumption.


Powered by Masana and supported by bp, the FleetMove offer is an innovative real-time fleet monitoring solution designed to reduce fraud, manage vehicles and reduce operating costs. It offers packages suitable for commercial road transport operations of all sizes.


What is bp FleetMove?
Introducing our innovative offers, which include:

  • bp FleetMove Card
  • bp FleetMove Plus
  • bp FleetMove Premium

Offering business owners the peace of mind of an expertly managed fleet, by giving them full control every kilometre of the way. bp FleetMove offers a complete cashless solution to reduce every aspect of fuel fraud. It gives real-time control of refuelling and vehicle management to Fleet Managers via web portals and mobile applications. This substantially reduces operating costs.

FuelMaster Plus

bp FuelMaster 


FuelMaster is a scalable, automated fuel management and payment solution that ensures that the right fuel and the right
amount is dispensed into the right vehicle. Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) provides many benefits compared
to traditional card systems. 


In Addition, FuelLink is a secure, web-based software package that provides information about the on-road refuelling transactions of fleet vehicles. It is available free of charge to all customers with diesel fleets installed with FuelMaster, or customers using the bp Fuelcard. All you need is a suitable PC running Windows, with internet access.  



FuelMaster offers the most effective fuel control system in South Africa with over 350 service stations countrywide. It’s a cardless, cashless and paperless fuel system that uses the latest radio frequency smart card technology to manage your fleet’s fuel usage. This gives the fleet manager the necessary transaction information to effectively control fuel expenditure. 


How does it work? 

Every time a vehicle refuels at one of the FuelMaster sites, the transaction is automatically recorded on the site computer. This information is uploaded daily from the site terminal to the central computer at bp’s head office in Cape Town. Details of the transactions can then be accessed by fleet managers on a daily basis via the internet.