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bp Marine

bp Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fuels and technical services to some of the largest container, tanker and bulker shipping companies globally.

In everything we do, we are focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service. 

Shipping is a traditional business with a long and illustrious past. We recognise this and ensure that we are focused on building long-term sustainable partnerships based on trust and respect. Communication is a key element – sharing the most relevant and timely information to make better-informed decisions and to work towards a common goal. From day-to-day contact with our account managers to specialist queries with technical and market experts, bp Marine has a dedicated team of people, with long-term expertise in the marine business, on hand to help meet your business needs.

bp Marine fuels

Our products are supplied to international specifications and we take a leading role in helping to shape industry standards. 

 Distillate fuels
 Residual fuels

 DMA  RMG 180

 Primary auxiliary engines  Primarily main engines

 ISO Specification
 Distillate Fuel Grades  Residual Fuel Grades


  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Richards Bay


bp Marine lubricants

We can lubricate all machinery on board a ship, from main propulsion machinery and auxiliaries to compressors and hydraulics. 

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