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bp Ultimate Diesel for trucks and buses


bp Ultimate Diesel, containing our innovative ACTIVE technology formula, is specially designed to tackle engine dirt. We recommend bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology every time you fill up to help keep your fleet’s engines clean, healthy and running efficiently.


 Today’s heavy-duty diesel engines are equipped with sophisticated injection systems that are particularly susceptible to the build-up of harmful deposits – ‘dirt’. Even a small amount of dirt in an engine can have a big impact, contributing to:

  • Increased fuel consumption - tests show that dirt can reduce fuel economy in heavy-duty diesel engines by up to 3.8%*
  • Reduced engine power 
  • Critical engine parts, such as fuel injectors, need repair


And a build-up of dirt can lead to more dirt in the engine – it’s a vicious cycle.

*In our independent tests in a range of trucks, fuel economy with dirty fuel injectors was up to 3.8% lower, and on average 3.1% lower than with clean injectors.


How bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology works


That’s why bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology is specially formulated to remove harmful dirt from your fleet’s engines and protect against its build-up. bp’s innovative ACTIVE technology formula fights dirt in two ways:

  1.  ACTIVE molecules attach to dirt and drag it away from critical engine parts. The dirt mixes with the fuel and is then safely burnt in the engine
  2.  ACTIVE molecules attach to the metal surfaces of clean engines, forming a protective layer, which helps stop dirt from binding to the metal

With ongoing use, bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology forms a barrier against dirt on critical engine parts to protect against it coming back. This helps keep your fleet’s engines working as the manufacturer intended.


Benefits of bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology for your commercial vehicles 


With ongoing use, it helps:

  • Restore and maintain fuel economy
  • Restore and maintain engine power
  • Reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance, keeping your vehicles on the road
  • Keep your fleet’s engines working as the manufacturer intended
  • bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology also contains a special anti-foaming agent, so it’s quicker and cleaner to fill up your tank, with less risk of splashback and spillage.

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