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Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQS")           

How does BPSA define an SD supplier?

EME's or QSE's as defined by South Africa's Broad - Based Black Economic Empowerment ("BBBEE"). COdes of Good Practice which are at least 51% black owned or at leaset 51% black women owened.


What criteria does BPSA use when selecting a supplier?

BPSA looks for suppliers that have the basic capabilities to offer competitive pricing, high quality products and services, safety and assurance of excellent customer service.


What if my company is not a BBBEE qualifying supplier?

BPSA does business with all suppliers and we encourage all suppliers to register in our database.


How can I learn about potential procurement opportunities at BPSA?

Please register on the database as it is key to our supplier identification process.


What are the next steps with BPSA regarding any potential procurement opportunity?

BPSA's commodity managers will identify upcoming opportunities and screen the supplier database to see if a match exsists with the supplier's capabilities and procurement opportunity. If a match occurs, the suppliers will be contacted to further discuss.