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BPSA supports the intent of South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BBBEE”) Codes of Good Practice and has adopted the requirements of the Codes in our applicable policies & procedures. Our BBBEE Vision is therefore a structured programme of action to transform our company to reflect the demographics of the country in all spheres of operations. BPSA aims to promote Transformation by:

  • Being cognizant of historical imbalances of our country.
  •  Implementing meaningful and sustainable transformation initiatives.
  •  Developing procurement policies that support transformation.
  •  Provide technical, financial, training, mentoring support to B-BBEE companies.
  • Continue partnership with the National Empowerment Fund and other financial institutions in order to provide funding for black companies.

For BPSA, this journey is about much more than compliance; it is a genuine commitment to the transformation and contributing to the transformation of South African economy broadly.


Preferential Procurement (“PP”)

  • The objective is to ensure that BPSA is contributing to the economic growth and transformation of the South African economy through its power as a major purchaser of goods and services in the country and to set out the framework within which the acquisition of all goods and services are to be procured in.  The PP process is consistent with the vision of BPSA’s Transformation Charter and Corporate Strategy, which supports BPSA’s intentions of:   
  • Finding reliable and cost-effective qualifying suppliers.  
  • Ensuring that the procurement process is fair, equitable and comprehensive yet logical, transparent, competitive and cost effective. 
  • Implementing impactful and recognised Socio-Economic Development initiatives that provide technical, financial, training, mentoring support to B-BBEE companies.  
  • BPSA prioritizes doing business with companies that are at least:
    •  EME & QSE.
    •  51% Black Owned and 30% Black women owned and/or.
    •  51% Black Owned and 30% Black youth owned.
    •  Generic Enterprises that are at least 30% Black owned. 
  • Continue partnership with the National Empowerment Fund and other financial institutions in order to provide funding for black companies. 
  • Preferential Procurement requirements shall be included as part of the Selection Criteria in all BPSA’s procurement activities.

Suppliers selected or awarded a contract on the basis of BBBEE status, shall be required to maintain the same level or improve to a higher level for the duration of their contract. 


Supplier Development (“SD”)

The Supplier Development Strategy is aligned with BPSA’s Transformation Charter as well as the Transformation legislation which aims to promote Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. Our SD initiatives will ensure that: 

  • Improving supplier performance quality and HSSE issues.  
  • Reducing overall costs. 
  • Improving business alignment between the suppliers and BPSA.   
  • Developing and/or opening supply market access of product lines or services that have previously not be opened to Black suppliers. 
  •    Generating competition for the product and/or service providers that are currently dominating the market.