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bp Transformation



bp Southern Africa recognizes that having a range of different approaches helps us to get the best from our suppliers.


To achieve our transformation goals, we are developing a range of strategic programmes to support our suppliers in building new skills and capabilities that align with our purpose. bp Southern Africa supports SA’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) Codes of Good Practice and we have integrated the requirements of the Codes with our applicable policies and procedures. Our B-BBEE Vision is therefore a structured programme of action to transform our company to reflect the demographics of the country in all spheres of our operations. 


  • bp Southern Africa aims to promote transformation by:
  • Recognising historical imbalances in the country.
  • Implementing meaningful and sustainable transformation initiatives.
  • Developing procurement policies that support transformation.
  • Providing technical, financial, training and mentoring support to B-BBEE companies.
  • Continuing to foster partnerships with financial institutions to strengthen our supply chains. 


For bp Southern Africa, this journey is about far more than compliance. It is a genuine commitment to contribute to the transformation of the broader South African economy.


Preferential Procurement (“PP”)

bp Southern Africa is committed to meeting preferential procurement and local content requirements where we operate. This includes sourcing materials and services in compliance with local guidelines. We develop local market capabilities and capacity to ensure that we contribute to local production and the economy. 


We ensure that bp Southern Africa is contributing to the economic growth and transformation of the South African economy through exerting our power as a major buyer of goods and services and applying a consistent framework and vision when procuring all our goods and services.  


The PP process is consistent with the vision of bp Southern Africa’s Transformation Charter and Corporate Strategy, which support bp Southern Africa's objectives. These are:  

  • Finding reliable and cost-effective qualifying suppliers.
  • Ensuring that the procurement process is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective.
  • Implementing impactful and recognized socio-economic development initiatives that provide technical, financial, training, and mentoring support to B-BBEE companies. 
  • Giving priority to companies that are:
    • Exempted micro enterprises and qualifying small enterprises.
    • Minimum B-BBEE level 4.
    • 51% black-owned
    • 30% black women-owned and/or, 
    • 30% black youth-owned.
    • Generic enterprises that are at least 30% black-owned.
  • Preferential procurement requirements are integrated with the sourcing and selection criteria of all bp Southern Africa’s procurement activities.

All suppliers selected or awarded a contract are required to maintain the same B-BBEE level or improve to a higher level for the duration of their contract.


Enterprise Supplier Development (“ESD”)

bp Southern Africa is committed to driving meaningful gender diversity and inclusion among those who supply to us. We positively contribute to social mobility by buying inclusively and developing SMME capability so that we can ensure that most of what we buy comes from black-owned suppliers. 


The Supplier Development Strategy is aligned with bp Southern Africa’s Strategic objectives as well as SA’s legislative framework, which aims to promote Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment.


Our ESD initiatives will ensure that we:

  • Improve supplier performance, quality and HSSE issues.
  • Reduce overall costs and supply risk.
  • Improve alignment between our suppliers and bp Southern Africa.
  • Develop and/or open up opportunities for new entrants to supply us with product lines or services.
  • Generate competition in bp Southern Africa's supply chain and reduce market dominance by a few suppliers.
  • Improve bp Southern Africa's competitive position in the market and sustain or grow our revenue.

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