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Our Aim


BPSA aims to build enduring relationships with suppliers and communities where we operate. Suppliers are an integral part of fulfilling our strategic goals, which are amongst others:  

  • Safe and Reliable Operations (Zero accidents, Zero harm to people, Zero damage to the environment).  
  • Shareholder value growth.  
  • Executing BPSA’s Transformation goals.


How we work


BPSA’s procurement department works in partnership with the business to build integral relationships with preferred suppliers in each commodity to deliver the best value for BP while reducing risk and ensuring compliance to BPSA requirements. Procurement is the only function with the sourcing and commitment authority to facilitate the procurement of goods and services on behalf of BPSA.


At BPSA we constantly review our supplier base and are always looking for new suppliers to help us achieve our goals of: 

  • Improving quality, service and innovation.  
  • Reducing internal complexity to make buying simpler.  
  • Minimising cost to increase our value delivery.  
  • Managing third party risk effectively.  
  • Encourage innovation and supplier diversity.


What we buy


BPSA manages all South Africa’s non-hydrocarbon third-party spend for goods and services associated with the operation and maintenance. BPSA's procurement team facilitates the purchase of goods and services for retail, Terminals, marketing, technology, capital works, logistics, legal, human resources and information technology.