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Our aim | general information

Strategy and Sustainability

Our aim


Our sustainability framework, which underpins our strategy, puts our purpose into action. It takes an integrated approach while focusing on the areas where we believe we can make the greatest difference. 


Our ambition is supported by 20 aims. Aim 20 focuses specifically on developing a more sustainable supply chain. bp wants to work with suppliers who also strive for sustainability in their supply chains. 


We plan to work with key suppliers to embed sustainable practices, by focusing on reducing greenhouse gas ‎emissions and increasing the circularity of what we buy.‎ We have already made progress, including in initiating collaborative sessions with key suppliers to identify opportunities to jointly improve sustainability. We plan to make the most of these opportunities, in collaboration with our suppliers, over the next few years.  


bp Southern Africa aims to build enduring relationships with our suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Together, we will work to fulfil our strategic goals, which include:  

  • Safe and reliable operations (zero accidents, zero harm to people, zero damage to the environment).  
  • Shareholder value growth.  
  • Executing bp Southern Africa’s transformation goals.


How we work


bp Southern Africa’s procurement department builds relationships with preferred suppliers in each commodity to deliver the best value while reducing risk and ensuring compliance with bp Southern Africa's requirements. Procurement is the only function with the sourcing and commitment authority to procure goods and services on behalf of bp Southern Africa. 


At bp Southern Africa, we constantly review our supplier base and are always looking for new suppliers to help us achieve our goals. These goals are: 

  • Improving quality, service and innovation.  
  • Reducing internal complexity to make buying simpler.  
  • Minimizing cost to increase our value delivery.  
  • Managing third-party risk effectively.  
  • Encouraging innovation and supplier diversity. 


What we buy


bp Southern Africa's procurement team manages the non-hydrocarbon purchases from third parties of goods and services associated with the business’s operation and maintenance of its assets. Our procurement team facilitates the purchase of goods and services for Retail, Terminals, Marketing, Technology, Capital Works, Logistics, Legal, Human Resources and Information Technology. 

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