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Supplier expectations

The success of our business depends on our ability to collaborate with suppliers that not only provide the highest quality products and services but are philosophically and strategically aligned with our commitment to our social and environmental responsibilities. 

We work with suppliers who strive for sustainability in their supply chain and innovation and excellence in their delivery. 


We will seek to develop and strengthen relationships with suppliers who are committed to and act in accordance with our code of conduct, with emphasis on:


1. Ethical and compliant conduct.

  • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the goods and services being provided.

2. Health, safety and the environment (HSE).

  • The key HSE issues for our industry are:
    • Preventing accidents.
    • Incidents monitoring.
    • Keeping people safe.

We focus on these to ensure the safety of our people and contractors. Their skills and performance are key in the delivery of bp work in a safe and responsible manner. Our standard contract includes health, safety, and security audits, with an additional technical audit for contractors carrying out high-risk work. All these audits are conducted before awarding of contracts, with ongoing monitoring of safety performance for the contract duration. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our Golden Rules of Safety.


3. Mitigation of bribery and corruption, money laundering, conflict of interest and anti-competitive conduct. 

  • Compliance with international trade laws.
  • bp reserves the right to audit supplier conduct.

4. Respect for human rights and prevention of modern slavery.

  • Respect the human rights and dignity of all people and meet the responsibilities of business set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

5. Protecting confidential information.


6. Providing a workplace that does not discriminate, and offers grievance processes and freedom of association.

  • Fostering an inclusive workplace culture and processes.

7. Providing an ethics and compliance programme.

  • Implement an Ethics and Compliance programme to drive awareness and embed ethical business practices and compliance with laws.

8. A culture that encourages people to speak out without fear of retaliation.

  • Create an environment that encourages speaking up without fear of retaliation.
  • bp’s confidential OpenTalk helpline: +27 800 990 842 You can also report online Here!

Please share these expectations with your employees, sub-contractors, and business partners involved in delivering services to bp.

Cyber Security and Security 


Why cyber security is important?

We need to work together to make bp a cyber-resilient organization. Cyber security is one of bp’s highest priority risks, with breaches presenting a risk to the security of our information, digital systems and operations. We take cyber security very seriously as a threat to our digital infrastructure, industrial control systems and our business evolution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

How to report a cyber breach or threat to bp - if you suspect it, report it.

If you, as a bp supplier, suffered a security breach that impacts bp or you identify a potential risk or threat to bp’s information or IT systems you must report it without delay to our Security Operations Centre as well as your usual point of contact within bp.  If you are not a contracted bp supplier, and you need to contact us for anything else relating to supply chain cyber security, please contact us.

Information security requirements are included in supplier contracts. The security requirements in supplier contracts are aligned to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) cyber security framework.                                                                                                                                                                                 

The level of cyber security risk determines the complexity of contractual requirements and the security contract compliance required. Contract compliance can involve an on-site compliance visit, an online assessment or a review of security certifications such as ISO 27001/2, SOC Type II or Cyber Essentials. If any security improvement actions are determined we work with our suppliers to have these remediated as soon as possible.                                                                                       


Requests for proposals/information

When a supplier responds to a request for proposal or information, questions may be asked regarding cyber security controls. These questions will vary according to the business area. Please provide as much detail as possible as it will speed up the time to assess supplier responses.

Procurement processes


bp runs two sourcing systems. Ariba is the main tool to run all bp sourcing events, including RFIs, RFPs, RFQs and auctions. Fairmarket is also used but only for RFQs and for a limited scope of items. 


If you participate in a bp sourcing event, you may also be invited to use bp’s automated contract negotiation tool - Contracting AI. You can read more about the Contracting AI tool below.  


To participate in an RFP or RFQ event, please review the relevant guidance below:


Step 1: Getting started


bp evaluates and selects the supplier with the intent to invite them to an upcoming sourcing event. The supplier selection is based on pre-established criteria, amongst others, this would typically include:

  • capability to act in accordance with the bp supplier expectations guidelines.
  • a sound financial position.
  • technically capable of delivering in line with bp standards.
  • ability to deliver the scope of work safely.

If your company has not been set up as a bidder contact with bp, bp will send an invite to you to register as a bidder so that bp can invite you to participate in future sourcing events. Once you receive the invitation to register as a bidder, you will need to take either of the following actions:
If your company does not have an existing Ariba Network account, you will need to create a standard Ariba Network account before you can proceed to register as a bidder and participate in the sourcing event. Click on the ‘supplier sourcing registration guide’ to see how to set up an Ariba account for new users.


For existing Ariba users, you may log in using your Ariba Network username and password. Check the supplier sourcing registration guide on how to use your existing Ariba Network account to log in.


If your company has been set up to participate in bp sourcing events but your key contact has changed, please update and manage the contact information in your Ariba Network account accordingly. Note that bp will send the sourcing event invitation to the contacts maintained in the Ariba Network.  


Note: there is no fee associated with registering for a standard Ariba Network account to participate in a bp sourcing event. Please read the FAQs if you have further questions. 


Step 2: Participate in the sourcing event by creating a connection via the SAP Ariba platform  


Suppliers selected for the sourcing event will receive an email invite (see sample invitation below) from the Ariba administrator to complete an SAP Ariba proposal and questionnaire form. After clicking on the link provided within the email, you will be redirected to the SAP Ariba Network page where you can select sign up (for a new Ariba account) or login (if you have an existing Ariba account).


Step 3: Notification of contract awarded to the successful supplier 

Based on the pre-established award criteria, the participating supplier will be thoroughly evaluated and then informed of the results. bp will notify you of the result via the Ariba message board.


Step 5: Signing the contract via DocuSign 

bp executes our contracts via digital signatures using DocuSign.  Contracting via AI.


Step 1: Getting Started


As part of the procurement process, you may be invited to negotiate a contract with bp via Contracting AI. Contracting AI is an AI-powered web-based application that automates the creation and negotiation of contracts.


Step 2: Registration and login

You will receive an email invitation to join a deal or contract, follow the embedded link to complete the user registration if you do not already have an account. Populate all of the required information and register your account. Once you’ve done this, you can sign into the application via the ‘Access contract’ button and get started.


Note: there is no cost for registering or use of Contracting AI.


Step 3: Contract negotiation 

Once you have accessed the contract via Contracting AI, you will be able to review the document and where relevant any clause options that you are able to select before submitting it to bp for review.  


All of the clause options in Contracting AI are clauses that bp have agreed to in the past, and it is entirely up to you whether you choose to select one of these or remain with the standard clauses. 


Each clause option may cost a number of allocated points based on the impact to the bp business. All suppliers will be allocated a finite number of points at the start of the process, enabling you to use this allocation to carry out changes to the contract as required.
Any proposed amendments remain confidential to you until your nominated person submits the contract.
The commercial aspect of the contract and any statement of works are still negotiated outside the application.

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