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Prospective suppliers

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Prospective suppliers


bp Southern Africa invites prospective suppliers to complete the Prospective Supplier Registration to be part of our supplier database. Please note that completing the prospective supplier registration does not imply a contract, or firm commitment by bp Southern Africa to purchase goods or services from the supplier.


The supplier database is one of the channels bp Southern Africa uses to ensure key suppliers are identified. Please note that registering on the supplier database does not guarantee automatic inclusion in our closed/restricted tender or RFQ process. When a sourcing opportunity for your industry-specific business arises, bp Southern Africa procurement team members will access the database to search for suppliers who meet bp Southern Africa’s minimum standard requirements.  At that point, you may be contacted to submit additional information.


Please submit the completed registration form to BPSASD Supplier Database.

Supplier appraisal and approval

Our procurement team follows a detailed pre-qualification process, depending on the risk exposure associated with the goods and services, to ensure our suppliers meet our compliance criteria.


The accreditation involves: 

  • HSSE Accreditation.   
  • Counterparty Due Diligence checks accreditation. 
  • Technical Accreditation ( if applicable).

Suppliers who have met the criteria will be registered on our preferred supplier list (PSL). Validity of accreditation is normally for a minimum of a year; prior to using the supplier, it is mandatory to check the validity of the accreditation. Please note that only procurement has a delegated authority to prequalify and load new suppliers on the bp Southern Africa system based on the need and applicable sourcing strategies. 

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