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Supply and trading is BP's face to the traded markets in oil, gas, power, emissions, chemicals and finance


Supply and trading is BP's face to the traded markets in oil, gas, power, emissions, chemicals and finance. Its role is to enhance performance and maximize group value for our assets through distinctive supply, commodity trading, risk management and information technology, underpinned by a world-class finance, control and compliance infrastructure.

Wherever you join us, you’ll be part of a unique, diverse, multi-national organization which will give you exposure to both supply and trading. Our trading environment is different because it’s not part of a large financial institution. Yet it’s one of the largest in the world and has hubs in London, Chicago, Houston and Singapore.

Roles and responsibilities

Our graduate schemes are three year rotational programmes (technology is a two year rotation) and are designed with your individual development at their core.

Your world-class learning journey will incorporate online and virtual learning with face-to-face classroom and on-the-job training giving you the behavioural and technical skills you need to build a truly outstanding career. On top of this, you’ll have a buddy and mentor assigned to you, helping you to navigate the organisation, guide your development and learn what it takes to be successful in your career.

We look for a passion for, and commitment to, responsible energy. Beyond this, as long as you’re a final year student or have less than two years’ professional experience, you can join most supply and trading programmes with any degree discipline. You should also have or be on track for a second upper class honors degree or equivalent.

Commercial - China

The BP Supply & Trading China Commercial Graduate programme is based in Shanghai.

On this graduate programme, the combination of continual training and three rotations of 12 months each will expose you to one of the most dynamic sectors and help you to develop skills and knowledge in a variety of commercial roles. Aside from crude oil and natural gas, the commodities we trade include refined products, chemicals, liquified natural gas, biofuels, carbon credits, more besides.

Graduates are placed in roles that span the entire spectrum of what we trade and each role in the rotation will allow you to make a tangible contribution to BP’s performance, while allowing you to develop your technical and individual skills. You may find yourself placed in a team that tracks the market, or you may be a marketer responsible for supporting traders and originators on the success of generating and closing a trading deal.

No matter where you work, all the rotations on offer will provide you with a challenging experience that gives you first-hand exposure to our supply and trading activities in China and contribute to building your career in the commodities industry. 

All positions filled for this year


BP is one of the largest physical traders of oil and gas in the world with a huge array of assets, including refineries, ships, tanks and retail systems. Our dedicated financial markets trading team that manages our daily exposure to global currency and interest rate fluctuations.

We work with other energy companies, financial institutions, such as investment banks and hedge funds, as well as companies looking to reduce their exposure to the risks of changing oil prices. BP’s global trading activity generates a huge amount of information that other companies, without access to physical assets, simply do not have. This gives us a substantive advantage in converting such information into effective market calls.

So, if you have passion, ambition and enthusiasm, why not pursue your goals with a business at the cutting edge of trading and explore your opportunities within supply and trading?

Application will open from 01 August 2019


Our supply and trading teams identify changes in supply and demand and communicate the potential impact to the trading benches.

As an analyst, you’ll have the opportunity to directly influence the bottom line as part of the commercial team. Working in the very fast-paced world of our trading floors, you’ll be focused on driving continued growth in trading profits.

Application will open from 01 August 2019


Every year, BP invests billions of dollars searching for new sources of energy and supplying our customers with the fuels they need.

You’ll help to ensure we make the best use of our investment. We want you to be in the best position to propose new and creative ways to maximise value.

Application will open from 01 August 2019

Finance and risk

This area links our experience as a leading energy producer and marketer with our knowledge of specific markets to provide customers with the energy products and service they need – whether oil, gas, electrical power, chemicals, finance or a combination of these.

No other graduate programme provides you the same breadth of experiences across finance and risk. It means you can expect to build a strong understanding of how these functions interact with each other and gain an invaluable insight into how finance, risk and compliance are integral to the business.

Role rotations include credit risk, commodity risk, strategic chance and operational excellence.

Application will open from 01 August 2019


A trade takes place in Houston. The data comes from London, the bank is in Singapore and the trader is sitting in Chicago.

The rapid flow of information is crucial, and it’s the work of a global, dedicated technology division that makes a difference. We deliver innovative IT to the business, enhancing supply and commodity trading activity. Systems, software and architecture are vital and IT is one of the most important factors in keeping trading and traders ahead of the competition.

You’ll play a pivotal role in helping the business with new systems, working in partnership with traders to develop new ways of working for the future.

Application will open from 01 August 2019

Xin Yi
Singapore, Trading Development Programme, Fuel Oil Operations
Bachelor's in Accountancy and Finance, National University of Singapore

Keep an open mind, and work hard. If you really want something, BP will help make it happen.

I really like this role as I get to speak to a lot of people, for example the traders, to find out what they’re doing. I studied accounting at university but I wanted to go intosomething different – a bit more exciting.

Trading seemed like a good fit. It may still be a male-dominated industry, but BP is making a conscious effort to foster female leaders, so I’m really looking forward to becoming a trader at the end of the programme.

Trading operations

Trading operations commercially optimizes deals post Trader execution ensuring that all contractual and operational requirements are fully met in a safe and compliant manner. As trading operators, we utilize physical assets such as ships and tank terminals and our relationships to add value to the deals.

You will rotate through teams including Inventory & Ancillary, Cargo Assurance, Demurrage, Documents Support, Trading Bench Operations, Shipping Operations and Finance & Risk. You’ll gain experience and skills in managing the logistics of the oil flow like shipping, product quality and quantity control, terminal & tankage utilization, relationship building and optimization, and work on different commodity benches

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