Doing business with BP

BP Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey (AGT) operates a fair, open and honest procurement process based on competitive sourcing that gives potential suppliers an equal opportunity at the outset of a sourcing exercise. There are the following important areas within the PSCM key activities that might be of interest to local suppliers:

Supplier registration

Your registration in the local supplier database establishes the interest in doing business. Your capability and suitability for the bid list will be assessed through the BP’s pre-qualification process and the gap assessment conducted by the Enterprise Development and Training program (EDTP) sponsored by BP and co-venturers in Azerbaijan. If you are a company incorporated in Azerbaijan and you are interested in developing your business capacity to work with BP and leading international contractors, please contact  the EDTP.

The EDTP team will provide necessary guidance. It is also their obligation to update PSCM practitioners regarding the availability of the local suppliers in the market. Necessary information from EDTP about the local market players in the relevant business segments is timely provided to the PSCM category teams..

Supplier selection

Where competition exists in the market, competitive tendering is the preferred option for selecting contractors. PSCM is the custodian of this process, coordinating the preparation of the invitation to tender documents with input from technical experts,  developing the evaluation procedure and scoring mechanisms, responding to clarifications and making the award and chairing debriefings. The local content is considered when evaluating the bids along with the technical and commercial considerations.

Supplier development

BP and its co-ventures in Azerbaijan have consistently invested into capacity building programs in Azerbaijan delivering tangible benefits for the local companies. We have launched the Enterprise Development and Training Programme (EDTP), which offers local businesses a straightforward way of learning more about the standards required to become part of an international supplier network. For more information on EDTP pleas  visit  our web page


As one of the world’s leading companies, we have a responsibility to set high standards: to be, and be seen to be, a business which is committed to integrity.

The BP Code of Conduct - "Our Commitment to Integrity" - stands for a fundamental BP commitment – to comply with all applicable legal requirements and the high ethical standards set out in this code – wherever we operate.

BP’s suppliers play a critically important role in our ability to operate and provide products and services to our customers. That is why we choose suppliers carefully, based on merit, and we seek to do business with suppliers who comply with legal requirements and who act in a manner that is consistent with BP’s commitment to compliance and ethics as outlined in this code.

BP encourages third parties to develop and adhere to their own codes of conduct and supporting business compliance and ethics programmes.

Health, safety and environment

BP’s health, safety and environment aspiration is simply stated;

No Accidents, No Harm to People, No Damage to the Environment.

The realization of this aspiration is every single employee’s responsibility. BP has eight golden rules of safety to provide basic guidance, which all employees should be familiar with.

  • Permit to Work
  • Energy Isolation
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Working at Heights
  • Lifting Operation
  • Driving Safety
  • Hot work


Ariba Sourcing is a robust and easy-to-use solution that can be accessed by registered BP Suppliers from any computer connected to the Internet. Suppliers may be invited to participate in an online tender, or “Event”, via an email invitation. Registration of suppliers is initiated by PSCM members; however, Suppliers are encouraged to update their profiles once accessing the system. There is no cost to Suppliers for using the system.

Ariba Sourcing enables PSCM to distribute tenders to BP Suppliers via the system and all communication with Suppliers is conducted through the built-in Message Center. This makes the process of tendering efficient, transparent, and in-line with local compliance and ethics rules.

Some of the benefits for Suppliers include:

  • Efficiency: Bid invitations, including all documentation and communications are conducted online and are received instantly, providing for quicker response times.
  • Transparency: Ariba sourcing enables consistent communication with all suppliers.
  • Lower costs: By participating in online Events, suppliers can streamline processes and reduce costs associated with finding and responding to tenders.
  • Consistency: BP’s requirements are presented to Suppliers in a consistent format based on system templates used by PSCM.
  • New Business: Suppliers can gain exposure to BP’s global supply chain since the system is used by PSCM globally.
  • Security: Supplier submittals are protected by visibility restrictions in the system, allowing only approved personnel to view responses at the appropriate time in the tendering process

Security: Supplier submittals are protected by visibility restrictions in the system, allowing only approved personnel to view responses at the appropriate time in the tendering process.