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Why Teesside?

Local historian, Tosh, explains the industrial past, and looks to the greener future of Teesside

A perfectly positioned pilot for decarbonization

  • The Teesside industrial cluster is in a tightly packed area with a radius of seven square kilometres, making its decarbonization cost effective and efficient.
  • Teesside is a UK energy hub, with access to gas from UK gas fields, helping ensure national energy security.
  • Teesside has a rich industrial history. Alongside planned hydrogen and CCUS projects, this makes it the perfect test bed for the wider economy.

Our vision for Teesside:

A comprehensive plan to transform the region
bp is lead operator of the East Coast Cluster, a group of projects that includes Net Zero Teesside and Zero Carbon Humber as part of the Northern Endurance Partnership.
bp will protect and create jobs, economically transforming the Teesside region. We are going to help close the local skills gap, exploring opportunities to work with schools, colleges and local education institutions.
Our projects will help turn the region into a world-class energy hub and a national and economic success story, positioning the UK as a hydrogen centre of excellence.

The right partner for Teesside

Depth of experience

We have deep experience of engineering, building and operating commercial energy projects at scale, in the UK and around the world.

Our extensive energy expertise from across the value chain can offer the right solutions to help decarbonize Teesside.





We are reimagining energy and committed to a net zero future, for Teesside, the UK and for bp.

We believe that our projects on Teesside will protect thousands of jobs, acting as a magnet for further investment in the regionand enabling the UK’s Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution.

Trusted partners

We are partners for the long-term. We have a long connection to the Teesside area and its industrial roots and are proud to be part of its future.


We believe that we are the right partner for Teesside. As a British company, leading on global decarbonisation efforts, we can sustain UK industry and develop the green skills of tomorrow.

Explaining the East Coast Cluster

East Coast Cluster unites the Humber & Teesside to remove almost 50% of industry cluster CO₂ emissions and to support and sustain 25,000 jobs until 2050.

bp is the lead partner in Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP), which will enable the East Coast Cluster by providing the common infrastructure needed to transport CO₂ from emitters in the Humber & Teesside (Net Zero Teesside, delivers a net zero industrial cluster on Teesside) to secure offshore storage in the North Sea (ZEROCARBON HUMBER, delivers a net zero industrial cluster in the Humber region).