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A business of our size and scale needs the sharpest commercial minds making the decisions
Defining our future strategy, making sure we have the right people at the right time, innovating and challenging the way we make the most of technology and putting the finances in place to meet the demands of our organisation – these teams have an impact on the global stage.
Customer & products



Every year, bp invests billions of dollars searching for new sources of energy and supplying our customers with fuels and petrochemical products while our Castrol arm supply the lubricants they need in their everyday lives.


Join us as a commercial graduate in our Customer & products business and you’ll help to ensure we make the best use of our investment. What we do is hugely challenging, but we’ll ensure you have everything you need to understand the commercial aspects of our business. 


We want you to be in the best position to propose new and creative ways to maximise value. We have a number of challenging opportunities that enable you to learn and grow in our business; to use your skills and to develop your commercial interests, wherever they might lie.


Your role and responsibilities


Working in Customer & products will put you at the heart of the business, doing a real job with real responsibility in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Supply and logistics
  • Strategy and finance

Customer & products is a fast-moving part of bp and your rotations over the course of the programme will expose you to a variety of businesses and a mixture of operational, analytical and customer facing roles. You could be managing retail petrol station territories or preparing business cases for improved supply contracts or even evaluating strategic improvements to meet our customers’ needs better.


Finance - accounting, report and control (ARC)



Accounting, reporting and control (ARC) delivers high quality and efficient internal and external financial reporting. The financial reporting enables business delivery, conforms to bp’s system of internal control, and meets all external reporting obligations. ARC is at the centre of our operations, embedded within our businesses, committed to doing the right thing and ensuring all our work is reliable.


Your role and responsibilities


Join ARC on our Challenge Programme and you will work towards shaping your early development. The programme is available in a number of global locations.


The programme allows you to:


  • Experience diverse areas such accounting policy, internal/external reporting, control processes, accounting processes and financial systems for our different businesses.
  • Be an integral part of a dynamic and talented team.


Finance and risk



No other graduate programme provides you the same breadth of experiences across finance and risk. It means you can expect to build a strong understanding of how these functions interact with each other and gain an invaluable insight into how finance, risk and compliance are integral to the business. 


This three-year programme is offered by our global trading & shipping business in London, Houston, Chicago and Singapore. Trading & shipping is the commercial trading face of bp, with professionals working in 35 countries under a wide range of regulatory regimes and bp’s own internal control process. Its role is to link our experience as a leading energy producer and marketer with our knowledge of specific markets to provide customers with the energy products and service they need – whether oil, gas, electrical power, chemicals, finance or a combination of these. 


In trading & shipping, our expertise and reputation is built around our people. Join the programme, and you’ll be able to develop your career in a challenging and entrepreneurial environment characterised by innovative thinking, knowledge and teamwork. 


Your role and responsibilities


You’ll follow a rotational programme that provides hands-on experience working in real roles, to deliver tangible benefits and measurable results. 


Role rotations are available in the following areas: 


Operational excellence

As part of the operational excellence team, you will help with managing, setting and promoting new and continuing improvement initiatives, compliant with Operational Risk standards and Internal Control processes across Trading & thipping.


Commodity risk

Working in commodity risk means you must understand, control and constructively challenge trading activity and positions on a near real-time basis within Trading & shipping to ensure it is compliant and aligned to intended trading strategy. Commodity risk teams are present on each trading floor within Trading & shipping to analyse consistency of risks, results and positions. They provide independent and unbiased daily market exposure and P&L reports, ensuring that data is accurate and insightful.

Credit risk 

Trading & shipping must have robust processes in place to monitor, understand and manage its credit risk. Credit risk includes counterparty performance risk, and delivered unpaid credit risk. Credit risk is the potential for financial loss due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of a third party, or due to any other circumstances which result in such third party refusing or otherwise failing to perform its contractual payment or performance obligations to bp. 


Development opportunities 


The rotational programme will provide you with an invaluable breadth of experience and first-hand exposure to how our functions support our supply and trading activities. 


While in the programme, you can expect to develop a range of competencies and skills through on-the-job and formal training. You’ll participate in a training plan that will ensure you develop your non-technical as well as technical skills. There will also be a strong focus on leadership skills, as we are looking to build future leaders of the business. 


A range of professional qualifications are supported within finance and risk and there is the flexibility for you to influence what you study, subject to the business needs. 


The programme will expose you to the energy industry and allow you to work side by side with some of the best energy trading support professionals around. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about and help solve some of the most important issues we face.


Your future 


The programme will provide you with a foundation to build a long-term career with bp. On successful completion, you’ll move into a finance and risk role depending on where your interests lie and where you can add the most value.


Finance - planning and commercial



Every year, bp invests billions of dollars searching for new sources of energy and building the infrastructure to develop these new resources. Planning and commercial operations maximizes and secures value inherent in bp’s portfolio with efficient investment decisions for a stable plan, cross-functions integration and stakeholder alignment. Additionally, this area provides support in investment governance and performance management.


Your role and responsibilities


Join planning and commercial on our graduate development Challenge Programme and you will work towards shaping your early development. The programme is available in a number of global locations and allows you to:

  • Experience diverse areas such planning and performance, joint venture management (agreement and stakeholder), investment decisions and commercial assurance. This exposure will help you understand the commercial aspects of the business and establish a business plan to be able to propose new, reliable and creative ways to maximize and deliver value.
  • Be an integral part of a dynamic and talented team.


Human resources



HR professionals recruit, retain and reward people who can keep us ahead of the global energy challenge. They also develop world-class training programmes, build capability and anticipate the demand for new skills. To do that successfully calls for more than just HR expertise. Which is why, when it comes to our graduates, we welcome people from a number of degree backgrounds. People with the confidence to step straight into a business facing role, an interest in and understanding of the industry and the kind of leadership abilities we see in ourselves.


It’s a business area that’s integral to our continued growth and development on an international scale. That’s because attracting and retaining the best people in our industry – regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability – is what keeps us ahead of the competition. Our commitment to doing the right thing, working as one team, and supporting our people’s development makes us one of the industry’s best workplaces, and that’s in large part thanks to our HR professionals. They act as critical thinkers, strategic business partners, empathetic leaders – drawing on their unique knowledge sets to offer advice and guidance to managers and employees.


Your role and responsibilities


Rotating through this three-year programme, you’ll split your time between two exciting and challenging roles which could be business facing or in a specialist area enabling you to build a broad range of experience across our global business.


In these roles you’ll gain knowledge of the sub disciplines within HR and, and develop the technical skills you need to become a strategic business partner.

Development opportunities


Join our HR graduate development Challenge Programme and you will take on real responsibility from day one – gaining broad exposure to the HR challenges that we face every day. A variety of training courses will help you to develop your technical and behavioural competencies, and you’ll be guided every step of the way by an experienced mentor and graduate-level buddy. (Support in achieving your CIPD qualification is also available as required.)


Your future


Following the graduate programme you’re likely to move roles every two to four years (subject to your performance and experience). This may be to another location, another project or a change of role. We’re committed to your continued development and success, so we’ll support you to build your technical experience through our excellence programme — a structured development path to build professional depth. Throughout your career at bp there are many options for further development, whether as a business-facing generalist, in a leadership role, specialist discipline, or, possibly, an international role. Whichever route you choose to take, we can offer you a very rewarding career.




To apply for this role, you'll need a 2:1 degree, or equivalent, in any discipline. We also welcome applications from those with HR work experience and Masters degrees.


Procurement and supply chain management



The need to grow and optimize our buying power is fundamental to bp’s success. From Alaska to Australia, procurement and supply chain teams manage the procurement process for the many categories of goods and services that keep bp operating every day. We are also responsible for supplier performance management, spend reporting, market intelligence and monitoring compliance to procurement processes and policies. Our supply market strategies ensure that bp’s supply chain is one of the most competitive in the energy industry, so it’s no surprise that procurement is one of the business’ key business functions.


Your role and responsibilities 


We’ll look to you to assume broad responsibility for much of procurement and supply chain critical work. You could find yourself:

  • Helping to develop and implement procurement strategies and tactics for your assigned areas. This might involve anything from chemicals and facility management to engineering equipment and drilling services.
  • Playing an instrumental role in supplier performance management — from initial market assessments through to contract award and beyond; always ensuring bp receives the best value from its contractors and suppliers.
  • Gaining experience in various business areas.
  • Achieving professional membership in CIPS (UK & MoW) or ISM (North America).


Your work will bring you into a global network of specialised management professionals, working within our business areas. During your time on the procurement graduate programme, you’ll develop your competencies in the strategic and operational areas of procurement. 


These areas include:

  • Category management and contracting
  • E-procurement
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Materials management
  • Supplier quality management
  • Performance management


Specifically, you’ll work in an organizational cross-functional team, with a role in reviewing and/or contributing to the development and implementation of market sector strategies. You could be negotiating with suppliers or managing post-deal performance but, critically, your work will always contribute value and influence our bottom line. Your first role could be field based or in a regional, functional or global team. Not only will you learn through hands-on experience, you will have access to a development resource network that includes your team leader, mentor and buddy, as well as procurement and supply chain graduate specific support groups. 


bp will sponsor you to achieve professional membership qualification of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply CIPS (UK & MoW) or ISM (North America). 


Following the graduate programme, and once you can demonstrate the right levels of formal training and experience, you’re likely to move jobs every two to four years. This may be to another location, another project or a change of role along any of the procurement career paths designed to increase your in-depth knowledge and guide you towards more senior roles. We’re committed to supporting your goals and success so that on completion there will always be multiple options for further development. Some pursue leadership roles, some choose technical specialisms, some sample other disciplines and some opt for a more hands-on route, while many remain dedicated to developing functional excellence. 


Whichever route you pursue, we can offer you a thoroughly rewarding career that’s a mix of what you’re good at, what you like to do, and what our business needs.


Sales and marketing



Understanding our customers’ needs (customer insight) is key to the success of our sales and marketing activities. Since we serve 8 million customers every day, there are plenty of needs to consider. To do that effectively, we rely on the kind of employees who share our dedication to excellence – employees ready to secure strong relationships with our customers and consumers, build on their loyalty and provide them with distinctive products and services they want and need. 


Customer & products provides the customer face of bp and is divided between our Fuels / Retail business, Lubricants, Air bp and Petrochemicals. Our Retail business provides advantaged fuel, convenience and loyalty programmes to customers at over 17,000 service stations worldwide. Our market-leading lubricants business delivers Castrol and a range of high-quality bp branded products to over 100 countries – products that help cars, ships, aeroplanes, industrial plants, wind turbines and even computers run more efficiently. 


Whichever business you join, sales and marketing roles provide numerous exciting and challenging opportunities which will help you develop the skills it takes to succeed and kick start an impressive career in energy. 


Your role and responsibilities 


As part of our graduate development programme, you’ll learn how to become the customer face of our business. We supply a diverse portfolio of customers, consumers and business partners, from large global entities such as Walmart and Ford to individual consumers. And working alongside our talented teams, you’ll become an expert in successfully developing and delivering our offers to our global customer base. 


Over the course of the programme, you’ll enjoy exposure to a range of business areas; everything from retail and aviation fuels, to marine and automotive lubricants. And you’ll build skills in a number of disciplines too, including: operations management, supply chain, buying, offer implementation and sales and site support. Our standards are high and our expectations higher. So you’re in for a challenge. But whether you choose to focus on our lubricant brands or our retail division, your success means great rewards. 




This role is all about delivering distinctive customer and consumer offers based on a true understanding of their needs. So to rise to the challenge, you’ll need a strong academic background, excellent interpersonal skills to work both internally and with our customers and the motivation and desire to learn about our customers and how they use our products. Combine that knowledge with a strong analytical mind, and you’ll soon make an impact on a hugely important area of our global business.


Life@bp podcasts



From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business