Oil sands

The company holds interests in three oil sands assets in the Athabasca region of northeast Alberta

  • Sunrise is a 50:50 partnership between Husky Energy and BP, with Husky as the operator. It is a world-class reservoir with production anticipated over a 40-plus year life span. Phase one commenced operations in late 2014
  • Pike is a 50:50 joint venture with Devon NEC Corporation as operator. Pike phase one was granted regulatory approval in November 2014 and is currently in the design and planning stage. Areas for future development are being appraised by delineation drilling and seismic
  • Terre de Grace is a partnership with Value Creation Inc. BP is a 75% owner and the operator of this project. Initial appraisal drilling and seismic are complete
The resource potential of these projects is expected to provide a secure supply of oil to consumers in North America. We recognize that oil sands projects raise environmental challenges and we are actively seeking ways to undertake these projects while minimizing the environmental footprint. 

Our oil sands projects, whether BP-operated or not, are developed in consultation with local communities.