United Kingdom

Our talented individuals explore, develop and produce oil and natural gas

In the UK we’re involved in the safe and reliable exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. We transport, sell and trade energy products. We develop and manufacture petrochemicals for industrial and consumer goods. We market fuels and trade energy-related commodities and our Castrol arm produces lubricants. We also carry out research into efficient fuels and lubricants and produce low carbon biofuels.

To do all this, we employ some 15,000 people in the UK. Talented men and women from varying backgrounds working in a host of environments including bustling trading floors, state-of-the-art laboratories and offshore platforms. But whatever their role and wherever they work, we enable all our people to thrive by providing an environment that fosters trust and co-operation, as we work together to tackle the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

BP spends over 40% of our total research and development budget – some £175m a year - in the UK, channelled through our three major technology centres in Sunbury, Pangbourne and Hull.

Britain is home to some of the world’s leading academic institutions and we are proud to work with over 20 British universities on leading-edge research. In 2012 we committed more than £60m to research the new materials needed by the energy industry of the future, founding the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials with Manchester University, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London

Our locations

From trading floors to refineries, laboratories to offshore rigs, BP's business interests in the UK reflect the global nature of our organisation, covering all our core activities.


Hull is home to some of BP’s most innovative and cutting edge operations – whether that’s researching new biofuels, or manufacturing acetic acid for a variety of products such as paints, adhesives and solvents. It’s also home to the Hull research and technology centre (HRTC), where new technologies for producing petrochemicals are developed, tested and piloted.

All of this activity is reflected in the wide variety of roles available for talented professionals, as we seek to extend our world-class capabilities.

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Welcome to BP Saltend


Because our work in London is as diverse as the city itself, we look for people with many different skills.

A bustling cosmopolitan city, London is one of the world’s leading financial centres. 

It’s a hub of arts, entertainment, world-class cuisine, history and, of course, tourist attractions that include Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Shard – to name just a few.

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Olga on her work for IST at Canary Wharf

St James's Square

BP’s global headquarters – home to more than 500 people – are in St James’s Square, a leafy enclave in the historic centre of London, within easy reach of Piccadilly Circus tube station. The site accommodates board and executive management, together with the key corporate and business functions teams.

Our business infrastructure underpins everything BP does and our business support teams are integral to keeping us at the head of our industry. BP needs people with sound business minds, who are great communicators and who are at their best when working as part of a busy, collaborative team.

Canary Wharf

Our Supply and trading City-facing function is based in the 20 Canada Square building in Canary Wharf. 

Canary Wharf is an area of ex-docklands that was redeveloped into a secondary financial centre for London in the late 1980s. It’s home to some of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and the London headquarters of many of the world’s largest financial institutions.

20 Canada Square is a purpose-built trading and financial office with state-of-the-art technology and facilities. It is one of the only trading environments in the world to operate a 'thin-building' design, whereby all major technology hardware, equipment and data storage is housed offsite. This minimizes the building's power usage and carbon emissions, as well as maximizing data protection. 20 Canada Square has received awards for its 'Green Office' initiatives.

Facilities in the office include a BP subsidised restaurant and cafe, 72 meeting rooms, three treatment (first aid) rooms, shower and locker rooms, ample breakout space and views over the Millennium Dome and Canada Square Park.

We look for high-calibre people with a diversity of skills. Those with expertise in supply and trading, trading analytics, and trading operations, as well as marketing professionals, IT specialists and a whole range of other professionals work together to make an important contribution to our business here. We look for positive team players with plenty of ambition, along with strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to our retail business and also our fuels business.

There are around 1,200 BP service stations in the UK – some 300 of these are owned and operated directly by BP and the rest by our dealer partners. We support all these service stations, as well as various fuel terminals strategically located around the UK.

Milton Keynes plays a vital role in BP’s UK fuels value chain, ensuring that the different fuels we produce reach Britain’s motorists efficiently and effectively.

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A day in the life of the UK fuels value chain

This involves understanding customer behaviours and creating maximum value from our physical assets, such as our terminals, pipelines and retail sites. It also involves storing, handling, transporting, supplying and pricing our fuels.

All this requires enormous effort, which is why we employ over 250 people in Milton Keynes in areas such as marketing, merchandising, finance, HR, logistics, distribution and supply chain to keep everything running smoothly.

Our brands

Our forecourt experience is market-leading and award-winning. A big reason for this is our own brands, Ultimate Fuels and Wild Bean Café, as well as our partner brands, Nectar and Marks & Spencer Simply Food. We also provide customers with an extensive range of popular branded products.

Great place to live

Milton Keynes has all the conveniences of a big city plus many of the comforts of living in a small town.

You’ll find first-rate shopping and restaurants, excellent music venues and theatres, and every sporting facility you can think of – including an indoor ski slope with real snow!

You’ll also be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. Milton Keynes has thousands of acres of parkland, woodland, rivers and lakes, not to mention various family activities and a pace of life that never overwhelms.

You can’t beat the transportation links, either. The train station is a five-minute walk from our office, and from there it’s only an hour to Birmingham and 30 minutes to London Euston. The M1 is also nearby.

Great place to work

Working at our retail headquarters in Milton Keynes is like working for a small company – with all the advantages of a multinational.

We understand the importance of flexibility and so have an agile approach to everything we do. We also have a close-knit community with a friendly working environment and a respect for different perspectives. We’re quite social too and like organizing events that bring everyone together outside office hours.

Whatever role you take on, you’ll enjoy a highly competitive salary, excellent benefits and the chance to develop and progress within the company. We’ll also make sure you enjoy lots of exposure to other areas of the business and, if all goes well, the opportunity to work in a cross-functional role.

North Sea

Since the mid-1960s BP has been a leading operator in the North Sea. Our diverse upstream portfolio includes over 20 fields, four pipeline systems and three onshore oil and gas terminals. 

Over the past 50 years BP has led the way in discovering and developing the Region’s oil and gas – helping to secure the country’s energy needs for decades to come. BP was awarded its first offshore license in 1964. Within three years, the North Sea saw its first offshore gas production, sparking a revolution that would change the energy landscape of Northern Europe. 


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50 years in the North Sea

Over the past fifty years, we have grown from an office of 15 people, to a regional employee base of over 3,000. We have invested £35billion and have been proud to help UK companies springboard into international markets.

Today, we remain focused on maximizing the economic recovery of the North Sea Region through safe and reliable operations.


Our North Sea strategy is underpinned by a relentless focus on safety and risk management, and on the active management of our portfolio to ensure we prioritize value over volume. We are proud of the high value portfolio we have today, but we are clear that our license to operate it only exists by prioritizing safety every day. That rigorous management of risk helps to not only protect our people and the environments in which we operate, but also the enduring value we create. Operating in technically difficult geographies, we are sensitive to local environments and work hard to avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impact.

Maximising the base

Our strengths in managing giant fields and high-value assets are central to realizing the significant opportunities that remain in the North Sea. Consistent with our focus of value over volume, our renewal programme is helping us to produce more reliably and increase our production efficiency. Coupled with our deep technical expertise in the fields of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and cutting-edge seismic imaging, we are pushing the boundaries of recovery and maximizing the performance of our assets.

Investing for the future

Developing opportunities beyond the existing base is vital for the continued energy supply of the UK and Norway. With an ongoing commitment to major projects, targeted exploration and appraisal programmes, and new licenses around core hubs, we are continuing to invest at record levels in our North Sea business to maximise production and access new reserves. In addition to new field developments and redevelopments, we are conducting major renewal programmes on several existing assets. The people we employ, the technology we use , and the communities in which we serve are central to our continued success in the Region. 

We have a number of major projects ongoing which will ensure continued opportunities for future jobs. The multi-billion pound Clair Ridge project is the second phase of development of the giant Clair field west of the Shetland Islands. The project, which will install two new bridge-linked platforms to access an estimated 640 million barrels of oil and gas, is planned to come on stream in 2017 and will extend production from Clair to 2050. BP and its partners also confirmed plans in 2011 to progress a multi-billion pound redevelopment of the Schiehallion and Loyal fields, west of Shetland, which will take production to 2035 and possibly beyond.


We're investing in new projects, established assets – and people with the talent, drive and energy to play a part in developing secure sources of energy for the UK. We believe that our success in the North Sea is inherently linked to the development of our employees. That’s why we invest heavily to give people who work in the region opportunities to learn and build skills in line with their ambitions – skills that are vital to the success of energy projects, now and in the future, across our entire organization. The North Sea could be the first stage of a career that will take you to world-class projects everywhere BP operates. We have a strong future and so do the talented people who join us here.


We provide the very best chemists, engineers and technologists with the very best facilities.

Formulated products technology (FPT) in Pangbourne is the central hub of our global network of technology centres. These centres carry out pioneering research and development of fuels and lubricants under the BP brand. With safety and reliability front of mind, they also provide regulatory and technical support to our customers. 

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R&D at Pangbourne

Technology and motor sport have always played important roles in Castrol's success, as many products first developed for use in competition have become available to the everyday motorist. The technology centre has been at Whitchurch Hill, Pangbourne for over 25 years. Today it boasts advanced performance testing facilities such as small-scale component test rigs, full engine test cells, vehicle test chassis dynamometers and analytical laboratories. Our key lubricant product ranges include engine oils, brake fluids and anti-freezes for cars, trucks and motorbikes, as well as fluids and greases for shipping and industrial applications.

BP also supplies fuels to automotive markets in North America, Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the Pangbourne site we have fuels and lubricants technology teams in Naperville (US), Bochum (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa), which provide direct support to the regional fuels businesses.


The technology centre has a picturesque rural setting. Our highly skilled chemists, engineers and other specialized staff enjoy science park-style facilities – and plenty of fresh air! It’s an ideal setting for the demanding task of meeting the immediate and future requirements for fuels and lubricants for the modern world. There is a restaurant and separate deli on site, as well as a gym which is free for everyone to use. Employees at Pangbourne also run activities through sports and social clubs.

Pangbourne is situated between Reading and Oxford. There are excellent links to the M4 and rail links to London and surrounding areas. We also operate a free bus service from Reading station to the site in the morning and back to Reading at the end of the day.


We hire talented people from a variety of industries that include automotive engineering; oil and energy (fuels, lubricants and additives); research institutions; and chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Academic backgrounds vary from NVQ level 3 for our automotive technicians to first degrees or Masters/PhDs in disciplines such as chemistry or engineering. The strength of our richly experienced and expert workforce is what consistently sets our products above those of our competitors.


Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT) in the Shetlands is one of the largest oil and gas terminals in Europe. It covers 1,000 acres and has processed over eight billion barrels of oil and gas since it opened in the 1970s. With safety, reliability and operational excellence at its core, the terminal was designed to be entirely self-sufficient and to allow continuous production offshore, even in bad weather.

SVT was constructed to enable oil production from the North Sea east of the Shetland Islands. In a typical day 150,000 barrels per day flow to SVT from more than 30 fields through the Brent and Ninian pipelines. This oil goes through the dedicated processing, storage and loading facilities at the terminal and is then exported by tanker. This is “Brent crude” and is used as a benchmark for pricing much of the world’s oil.

Today SVT is also receiving increasing production from the much newer west of Shetland basin. The terminal receives around 100,000 barrels of oil per day from BP’s Schiehallion and Loyal fields via shuttle tanker, and from our giant Clair field via a dedicated oil pipeline.

SVT also processes gas from these installations (and BP’s Foinaven field). Water and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed at SVT and the gas is then exported to our Magnus platform to be injected into the reservoir for enhanced oil recovery.

SVT has long been central to BP’s technology leadership in the North Sea. It helped BP open up the frontier oil province west of Shetland and to pioneer enhanced oil recovery in the North Sea. It is now helping us to maximize recovery in the next phase in the life of the North Sea.

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Working in the Shetlands - Part 1

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Working in the Shetlands - Part 2

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Working in the Shetlands - Part 3

Investing for the future

SVT is well positioned for the future. Over £15 billion will be invested in new developments west of Shetland by 2020. The industry is also continually finding new technical and commercial solutions to increase recovery east of Shetland.

BP is therefore investing up to £1bn, with partners, in SVT. This will enable the terminal to support the development of new fields and ensure continued safe and reliable operations for existing fields.

SVT is an increasingly strategic piece of infrastructure. BP operates the terminal on behalf of 27 co-owners, all of which depend on reliable, competitive and sustainable operations at the terminal. It has a critical part in BP’s own plans for the North Sea, as we move forward with the Clair Ridge development and Quad 204 redevelopment west of Shetland and extend the life of our Magnus field to the east.

Working at SVT: new plant, new people, new pattern of working

The terminal has an exciting future. We need the talent and expertise of people like you to help us continue innovating and delivering excellent services long into the future. In return, we’ll do everything we can to support your long-term career development.

SVT is a great place to work. BP is renewing much of the existing plant on site and has plans for new facilities, such as a new gas sweetening plant. The investment is obvious the moment you come through the gate.

We are also enhancing the skills and capability of the workforce and improving processes and ways of working at the terminal. This will involve the creation of around 100 new positions and the introduction of a new, rotational work pattern.

That will allow us to continue to make the most of the skills available locally, while also bringing in expertise from further afield. If you join us, the rotation pattern will allow you to work in an onshore location with onshore facilities, yet with the “two weeks on, three weeks off” lifestyle that is usually available only by going offshore.

While on shift, accommodation will be provided in Shetland – initially in shared houses and flats and then in a new accommodation complex that is being purpose-built for BP. If you have time to explore Shetland, you’ll find the islands have fantastic scenery and beaches, a wealth of culture, entertainment and art, a welcoming community, and the very best sporting and leisure facilities. Getting to and from Shetland is an easy, 50 minute fixed-wing flight out of Aberdeen Airport, provided by BP.

Sunbury & Bedfont Lakes

Around 4,500 people, from all kinds of backgrounds, in all sorts of roles – and every one of them passionate about what they do.

Sunbury is to the west of London, around five miles from Heathrow Airport. This is where you’ll find one of BP’s largest office sites, Sunbury Business Park, which is home to the International Centre for Business and Technology (ICBT) home to our upstream learning centre. The ICBT is spread across two locations with the main site being based in Sunbury-on-Thames and a satellite site two miles away at Bedfont Lakes.

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A look at the working community at ICBT Sunbury

The ICBT is as diverse as BP. Every business is represented – upstream technical and business teams, downstream marketing and commercial teams, operations supporting the tanker fleet of BP Shipping and corporate and functions – to name but a few. All put our values, ethics, safety and excellence at the forefront of their work.

To help plan the next stage in our exploration process, the ICBT Sunbury offers a special room called a highly immersive visual environment (HIVE) in which to view seismic data on a large, curved screen three projector display. Our state-of-the-art upstream learning centre provides flagship learning for upstream employees around the world. The aim is to build the capabilities of petrotechnical employees, as well as those in finance, leadership development and supply chain management.

The Sunbury site has a rich history with BP, yet the former laboratory and technology centre has been transformed in recent years. The new development has been carefully designed to reflect the values of the BP brand and the people who work within it. Nine glass-fronted buildings with stunning atriums, dynamic interiors and airy open plan offices combine to create a calm and pleasant working environment.

There are lots of opportunities to network and join affinity groups at the ICBT Sunbury, which support internal activities and knowledge sharing. The site has its own subsidised gym, The Meadhurst. For the less energetic there are many areas around the site offering space to relax at lunchtime and enjoy a little peace and tranquillity away from a busy day. There is also a travel health centre and physio on site to keep you fit and healthy.

Transport links to and from the ICBT are excellent. As well as its proximity to Heathrow, Sunbury is at the start of the M3 motorway and close to other main roads, while direct trains run regularly between London Waterloo and the local railway station, Feltham. There is a free shuttle bus service between the ICBT and both Feltham railway station and the Bedfont Lakes site.

We are proud of the environment in which we work. We are also an essential part of the local community, both socially and economically. The site is located between Hounslow and Spelthorne (Surrey) and we invest in both communities. Community affairs are critical to maintaining and strengthening the long-term brand values of BP. For more details, see our latest sustainability report.


Join us in the ICBT and be part of a truly diverse and international employee population. Around a quarter of our most senior leaders are based here.

There are lots of business and functional teams based here and people with a passion to contribute to a hard-working, collaborative team are always valued. At the ICBT, we’re always looking for people with this passion in a host of different roles – project management, naval engineering, health and safety, corporate and more.

Learning and development

As we continue to grow, even more emphasis will be placed on world-class learning and development. Whatever your background, whatever your role, we will invest in you to develop your personal and professional skills in line with your aspirations. The success of the ICBT and the success of our employees go hand in hand. So we’ll make sure you have access to structured courses, online learning, mentors and other methods for ensuring you continue along a flexible career path. Where possible, we will support you to gain qualifications relevant to your field. Our performance management process will set clear, achievable objectives for you and help you to track your progress in achieving them.

Diversity and inclusion

We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at BP is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.


Castrol House in Swindon is one of our UK locations that supports our lubricants business.

Its products are sold in dozens of countries all over the world and our team is responsible for the research and development of new, safe and reliable lubricants for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial uses. We also manage production and marketing across the world.

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Inspiring the next generation of women in business

When it comes to lubricants, BP is a true market leader in many territories and to maintain our industry position we put ourselves at the forefront of innovation and development. Our exceptionally talented Swindon-based employees work in an exciting, fast-paced, collaborative environment that drives commercial progress in this substantial global business.

Castrol products have been marketed since 1909 and the brand has a rich heritage that our people in Swindon are incredibly proud of. It has been associated with the exciting world of motorsport for many years, with many high-profile sponsorships including Ford Performance Racing. The brand has also been intimately involved in the world of Formula One, supplying high-performance lubricants to teams such as Lotus, Jaguar and McLaren.

Many of our people are motorsport enthusiasts who revel in the dynamic history of the product that they work on. Others are simply proud of helping to build a brand that is a global icon.

Our opportunities

Castrol is a business at the cutting edge of the lubricants industry. This means that we’re looking for the very best talent globally, not just in our research and technology roles but also in support functions like finance, HR, marketing and supply chain. 

We recognize that talented people may come from any discipline or sector. We have a full transition programme to help our new employees get to grips with the lubricants business so they can swiftly begin applying their talents and skills to Castrol.

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