Why is BP offering a grant program to teachers in my area?

As a global energy provider, BP and its employees recognize the importance of education. Our hope is that through these projects, future generations will better understand the role energy plays in our world and apply this information to make informed decisions about a sustainable energy future. 

Who can apply for a BP A+ for Energy grant?

Any public, separate, private/independent K-12 teacher currently teaching in an accredited or licensed school in Alberta and the Northwest Territories is encouraged to apply. 

How many proposals can be submitted per school?

Our goal is for the A+ for Energy program to reach far and wide across Alberta and the Northwest Territories so students from all different schools can benefit. This is why we ask that schools submit a maximum of two grant proposals per year. Each proposal must be a unique project idea. 

*If more than two proposals are submitted from one school and score highly, only the top two proposals will be selected.

If a team of teachers applies for a BP A+ for Energy grant, do they all have to be from the same school?

Teaching teams can be from the same school, across schools, or across districts. However, any partnerships between classrooms and/or between schools should benefit everyone involved. 

Is the BP A+ for Energy Program only for science teachers?

No. BP’s A+ for Energy grants are for all teachers regardless of what they teach. Teachers across all disciplines including Math, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, History, Social Science, Music, Dance, Technical Arts and of course Science are all encouraged to apply. 

Should I apply for the full $10,000?

You can apply for any amount (rounded to the nearest $500) up to $10,000. Keep in mind that the judges grade your budget, so be considerate of how you allocate funds and only apply for the amount you need to successfully run your project. 

How are the winners chosen?

Project proposals go through an initial assessment by a panel of Grant Readers who use the A+ for Energy rubric to grade applications. The next phase is a safety review by our BP experts. Finally, a panel of judges comprised of BP representatives, program partners and community members read the proposals.