Wild Bean Cafe

At Wild Bean Cafe we're known for our quality, barista made coffee. You can always count on our talented baristas to expertly prepare your favourite drink, just the way you like it.

But we offer so much more to those on the go. Whether you’re doing the morning school run, commuting to the office, or setting off to explore this beautiful country of ours, make sure you call in to your local Wild Bean Cafe to get that perfect start to your day. You'll find an abundance of great food to choose from.  So what will it be today? Something sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent?

Have Wild Bean Cafe In Your Pocket with BPMe Pre-Order

Don’t like waiting for your coffee? Then you’ll love our latest BPMe feature. Coffee pre-order has landed at selected Wild Bean Cafes. To save valuable time, simply pre-order your favourite hot drink from anywhere using BPMe, tell us when you want it and we’ll make it for your arrival - just pay and pick it up. Coffee pre-order is available at different spots all around the country. Click here to see if there’s one near you. If not, don’t despair - we’re rolling out coffee pre-order to more stores soon so keep an eye on BPMe. 

Don't forget it’s easy to add your Wild Bean Cafe key tag to BPMe so you'll always know how close you are to your next free barista-made coffee. 

Learn more about the app here or download BPMe on the Apple App Store ® or Google Play™ Store.

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BPMe Wild Bean Cafe Coffee Pre-Order

This video shows you how to create a digital key tag and place a coffee pre-order.