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No matter where your location is in bp, you may find that you are giving guidance and counsel on present and developing topics that could have momentous legal consequences for our business

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The roles in our teams are very diverse; you could be offering advice on employment law, be a principal lead on a dispute resolution, registering bp’s patents or working on contracts for significant expansion plans. Lawyers have a crucial part to play at bp, due to our companies’ complexities and various business offerings.

bp’s legal teams support all areas of the business, working collaboratively, providing the vision and knowledge we need globally, to ensure correct choices and development as a company are made, that puts safety as our core value. 


Some of the legal teams sit in a central function, e.g., commercial reporting or group general counsel office. Whilst other teams are emersed within specific businesses e.g., Trading & shipping, EV charging, Procurement & supply chain. People are also given areas where they can specifically focus: - regulatory law, health, safety, security & environment (HSSE).


Apart from having a strong legal knowledge, we are keen to have people with a solid business acumen and aptitude, to steer a large, multifaceted organization, who can engage with a variety of stakeholders and build trusted relationships. Self-confidence, decision making and resilience to manage big caseloads, whilst working towards core deadlines, are the key characteristics we want. 

Latest vacancies

bp contingent worker talent community

The expertise of our contingent workers is vital to help us reimagine energy for people and our planet.


Build your profile and join a community where you will be able to showcase your experience and skills and apply directly to our contingent worker roles through bp's direct sourcing partner before they go out to the full external market.

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Note:  For the purposes of this offering, a bp contingent worker refers to an agency contingent worker (also known as an agency contractor) as defined by bp policy.  An agency contingent worker is an individual who is employed by an employment staffing firm or agency and is assigned to work at bp’s workplace.  The employment staffing firm must qualify as an employer for tax purposes, provide payroll services, deduct income and employment taxes, and carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance commensurate to the role.  The worker may receive day-to-day work assignments from bp management/staff; however, the staffing firm must manage its own employee's job performance and any disciplinary issues (though bp staff can bring these to the  attention of the employment staffing firm). Placement with bp through an employment staffing firm does not create a direct employment relationship with bp, nor does it guarantee future direct employment with bp. 

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