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From wind to solar, from biogas to retail, bp’s footprint in the Keystone State provides energy for hundreds of communities across the commonwealth.
Pennsylvania fast facts

Fast facts

  • bp’s retail presence in Pennsylvania includes more than 180 retail locations.
  • The Cottontail solar project has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Pennsylvania by 157,800 metric tons.
Leading in biogas

RNG is a type of biogas generated by decomposing organic material at landfill sites, anaerobic digesters and other waste facilities – and demand for it is quickly growing. bp is now the largest RNG producer in the US, after acquiring Houston-based Archaea Energy in late 2022.


Archaea’s Assai plant in Lackawanna County, PA is the largest RNG plant in the world, and exceeded its 2023 RNG production goal of 4 million MMBtus. The plant and facilities that support the plant in Pennsylvania employ 23 full-time employees.


We are in the planning stages to drill a carbon capture and sequestration appraisal well near Assai, to determine if carbon dioxide sequestration could be feasible at this site.

Cottontail Solar

Lightsource bp is in the process of developing and constructing the Cottontail Solar project. Spanning six central Pennsylvania counties across seven different sites, Cottontail has the potential to produce 246MW.
Mehoopany wind farm

Our Mehoopany wind farm is a 9,000 acre site in Wyoming County, which features 88 wind turbines with the capacity to generate 141MW of power – enoughto provide electricity to more than 45,000 homes annually.


Castrol, bp’s lubricant brand, is a global leader in lubricant technology, serving customers and consumers in over 140 countries in the automotive, marine, industrial, aerospace and energy production sectors.


Our branded products are recognized globally for innovation and high performance through our commitment to premium quality products, highly responsive services and cutting-edge technology. In Warminster, Pennsylvania, 45 employees work at one of Castrol’s main manufacturing sites to make a product that is recognized for its quality around the world.

*Vendor spend and number of contracted vendors as of 2022. bp employee figures as of June 30, 2023. Tax paid figures for the year ended December 31, 2022.