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bp’s presence in Kansas in wind, solar and biogas reflects the company’s investments in the low carbon energies of the future.
A picture of a handheld car being driven into a wind turbine blade for monitoring purposes


bp Wind Energy owns and operates the Flat Ridge 1 and Flat Ridge 2 wind farms, both located west of Wichita. Spanning over 70,000 acres in Barber, Harper, Kingman and Sumner counties, these two farms have 314 turbines with the capacity to generate 514 MW of electricity, or enough to power about 167,000 average homes.


bp Wind Energy’s Remote Operations Center centrally monitors all bp-operated wind farms 24 hours a day, seven days a week with colleagues in the field to enhance performance, reliability and safety.

Spotlight on safety at Flat Ridge 2


Constructed in 2012, Flat Ridge 2 is one of the largest and most technically complex wind farms in the US, and in 2023 the site reached a major safety milestone: two years of operation without a recordable injury. For reference, these two years included more than 2,500 turbine tower climbs by technicians, 60 major component changeouts, and 124,000 miles driven on the 60,000+ acre site.

Renewable energy for not-for-profit-electric utility


Sunflower Electric – a not-for-profit utility – and bp’s 50:50 joint venture Lightsource bp have a 25-year contract for clean, renewable electricity to provide affordable, local energy for electric cooperative members across Kansas.


The agreement is for 27.5MW of large-scale offsite solar from the Johnson Corner solar project, the largest solar farm in Kansas. Johnson Corner consists of 75,000 solar panels installed across 144 acres of land in Stanton County, two miles from Johnson City. The site provides enough green electricity to power 5,165 homes across central and western Kansas every year.


Archaea Energy’s KCLFG plant can process 9,600 landfill gas per minute (scfm) into RNG – enough to heat more than over 39,000 homes annually, according to the EPA’s Landfill Gas Energy Benefits Calculator. The emission avoided will be 106,208 metric tons of CO2 and 837 metric tons of CH4. The plant employs six full-time employees and spent $9.5M with local construction vendors.

*Vendor spend and number of contracted vendors as of 2022. bp employee figures as of June 30, 2023. Community spend includes bp foundation. Tax paid figures for the year ended December 31, 2022.