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New Jersey

Castrol, bp’s world class lubricants brand, is headquartered in the northern New Jersey township of Wayne
New Jersey fast facts


Fast facts

  • The Garden State is home to more than 230 bp-branded retail stations.
  • Castrol is America’s No. 1 motor oil brand for consumers who change their own oil, accounting for nearly a quarter of all US consumer motor oil.
  • Castrol’s e-Fluids are already used by more than half of electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers.
  • In 2021, Castrol announced partnerships with the Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR team and the Los Angeles Rams football team to support carbon reduction and offset programs and community cleanups throughout their 2022 seasons.


bp acquired Castrol in 2000 and expanded the Wayne facility to keep up with the growth of the business. Today, it represents the largest concentration of bp workers, about 180, anywhere in the eastern United States. Across New Jersey, bp employees and contractors provide research, testing, marketing and retail services for Castrol products.


With a robust retail presence, bp’s Helios logo remains a familiar sight for New Jersey motorists. We are also a major provider of fuel to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region, owning a 25% interest in New Jersey’s Carteret terminal through a joint venture with Kinder Morgan, which operates the terminal.

Eco-friendly innovation

For more than a century, Castrol has pioneered innovative technologies that can be used in extreme environments — from Earth’s deepest oceans to the surface of Mars. In May 2018, NASA once again turned to Castrol’s Braycoteline to keep its Mars InSight lander, currently studying what’s below the Red Planet’s surface, running smoothly.


Back on Earth, Castrol launched Castrol ON, our e-Fluids brand for electric mobility, which will work to create a new era for electric vehicles (EVs). From transmission fluids, which are inside many EVs already on the road, to greases and thermal fluids, these products enable EVs to run smoothly and efficiently while staying cool. In addition, Castrol e-Fluids also support equipment used at sea in the transfer of power from an engine or electric motor to a propeller or thruster. Castrol’s e-Fluids are already used by more than half of electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers.


In the wind sector, Castrol is a part of a joint venture called ONYX InSight, a digital monitoring platform that helps wind farm operators track the condition of turbines, optimize maintenance and reduce operating costs. ONYX InSight has deployed this technology to thousands of turbines across the US wind market.

Giving back to the Garden State

bp and Castrol employees volunteer time and donate funds to provide meals, clothing and support to Eva’s Village, a food bank and homeless shelter in Paterson, New Jersey. Castrol also donates valuable equipment to Paterson’s St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.


bp also has a longstanding partnership with Princeton University’s Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI). Since 2000, bp’s support for the CMI program has helped scientists explore strategies for addressing climate change. The program now includes dozens of researchers actively engaged in international discussions on reducing emissions.

* Vendor spend and number of contracted vendors as of 2022. bp employee figures as of June 30, 2023. Tax paid figures for the year ended December 31, 2022.