Air BP continues unparalleled focus on safety with FBO training

To ensure our Sterling Card locations continue to meet our rigorous safety requirements, we can provide them with training, which is why the fuel team for Inflite Jet Centre at London Stansted Airport (STN/EGSS) recently undertook Incident Management & Emergency Response Training with us.

During the training, STN Inflite identified all crisis and continuity management scenarios linked to their organisation, learned how to implement and maintain crisis and continuity management plans, and gained understanding of how to validate the plans through training and exercises.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, both Air BP and STN Inflite would be required to interface with various stakeholders, some of whom would be providing support to manage the incident and others who would be affected by the incident. So, during our training session, STN Inflite also discussed their roles and responsibilities as well as the role of the fuelling operator during an incident.