Meet Hannah Leech

Want to know what it takes to be one of our product quality advisors? Hannah Leech, who is based out of our UK offices in Sunbury, gives the lowdown on her role as a product quality advisor. She also explains that there’s plenty of exciting work going on to develop low-carbon fuels and reveals why she’s always on the run…

What does your role entail? 

I joined BP Energy as a university graduate 16 years ago, before moving to Air BP in 2004. In my role as a product quality advisor I split my time between working on the development of our global product quality agenda and being the product quality authority for Air BP in Southern Europe and Africa.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

One thing that is typical is that no two days are the same. It can be hard to plan a day in advance, because should something like a fuel quality issue arise, my priority will be to resolve that matter as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption through the supply chain. 

My job also entails a fair bit of travel throughout Europe and Africa, either to carry out product quality training or assurance audits at refineries, airports, laboratories and terminals. 

How do we stand out from our competitors when it comes to product quality?

It’s through our customised offers and technical support that we really differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This is also how we show customers how vital supply chain management is to ensure fuel moves without disruption to the airport and is fit for purpose. 

How are we ensuring customers always receive on-spec aviation fuel?

A huge amount goes on behind the scenes to ensure fuel is moved from the refinery to wingtip both safely and on specification. We rely on operations teams working to industry standards as well as our Air BP regulations to spot and exclude any non-conforming fuel before it reaches the airport. 

What exciting developments in the fuel sector can you share with us? 

There is plenty of interesting work going on in the aviation industry at the moment to develop low-carbon fuels. As Air BP’s product quality team, we are involved in researching renewable aviation fuels and providing technical support. I am also the person responsible for REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation compliance in Air BP, which involves ensuring we have the right registrations in place to be able to import and manufacture new fuels in Europe.

How do you unwind?

I love running. Last year I completed the London marathon and an ultramarathon. I am also part of the BP Run Club and was recently asked to lead running sessions at work, which I really enjoy. There are fields at the back of our offices in Sunbury and the idea of the run club is to get staff out and about and away from their desk at lunchtimes. 

My enjoyment of sport has rubbed off on my family too. Outside of work most of my time is spent doubling up as a taxi driver and spectator for my 10-year-old son’s sporting activities.