Meet Jean Mousa

With a strong background in the aviation industry, Jean Mousa, general aviation manager, Central Europe, joined BP Sweden in 2012 before moving with Air BP to Dubai where he lived for two years. Now based in Germany, he currently oversees Air BP’s network in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He reveals what’s in the pipeline for 2019.

What attracted you to working in the fuelling sector?

It’s a dynamic industry and Air BP is about much more than just supplying fuel. Together with our in-house technical and operations experts we also offer tailor-made solutions to our customers. On top of Jet, Avgas and unleaded Avgas (UL91) we also offer training, fuel farm infrastructure, fuel tanks and more. Another strength is our wide network across Europe, for example across my region we cover more than 55 locations in eight countries.

What does your role entail and what gets you excited about going to work?

Every day is different, especially in the general aviation sector. I really enjoy creating solutions and deals that are tailored to each customer’s requirements. I’ve also been lucky that I work across different countries and cultures, so there is never a dull day!

The addition of Munster-Osnabruck Airport (FMO/ EDDG) to our network was key to our growth in Germany. What other achievements would you like to celebrate from the past year and what’s next in terms of growth?

The acquisition of Munster-Osnabruck as a new location was definitely a highlight of 2018. Another exciting achievement was making UL91 available both at Munster-Osnabruck and at Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF/ EDFE). In line with our commitment to expanding the availability of UL91 across our network, we will add at least two new UL91 locations in 2019. Our aim is to eventually make it available throughout the region.

What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

In addition to extending the availability of UL91 across our network we also have some exciting deals for our Sterling Card customers coming up.

What are your top tips for customers flying in and around Central Europe?

I would say one of my favourite approaches has to be landing at Innsbruck Airport (INN/ LOWI). The view as you land of the city surrounded by the Alps is simply breath-taking!