Meet Matt Elliott

We’ve caught up with Matt Elliott, Air BP’s chief commercial officer who is based in Sunbury on Thames in the UK. Matt joined Air BP in July 2017 but has been with BP for 24 years now. Before moving to the UK he was the managing director of BP in New Zealand.

Tell us a little about your role?

I am responsible for the global sales and marketing strategy, global supply strategy and business development worldwide. This means coming up with ways for us to grow our core business at the same time as creating our future business.

What attracted you to Air BP?

It’s a global business with a fantastic heritage and real ambition for the future. We are backed by BP, a global energy business which brings capability, resources and support to our agenda. It’s an exciting place to be during an exciting time for the aviation industry.

You’ve been at Air BP for six months now, what were your first impressions of the business?

I have been really impressed with the strength of our relationships with our customers and the quality and dedication of our team. I first got to experience this in person at our Customer Forum in September last year. I’ve also seen evidence of how Air BP has been innovating and leading the aviation industry for over 90 years. I’m looking forward to being part of the future.

What are your priorities going to be in 2018?

A key priority will be balancing the delivery of our core aviation fuels and services business with our ambition to create our future business, for example, through digital enablement to support our customers reduce risk and increase efficiency. We are also supporting our customers and the wider industry to meet its lower carbon goals through investment in our biojet programme and environmental solutions. Growing the business also means growing our footprint into new geographies and locations; we are currently looking at opportunities in Mexico, India and Indonesia.

What are the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry and our customers?

One of the main things on my mind, as previously mentioned, is what role digital technology and solutions will play in our industry? What disruption will they bring? Who will be the winners and losers as a result? Also, how will the industry meet its lower carbon ambitions? These are all important challenges we face that I am working on with the team.

Where do you think Air BP will be in five years’ time?

I hope that we will continue to be an established market leader, a trusted partner and an innovator within the industry.

Tell us a little about yourself

Luckily, given this job, I enjoy travel! I have teenage daughters who keep me busy, and as a family, we love to explore new places. I try and keep fit, and enjoy cooking as well as a nice glass of wine.