Self-serve facilities in Toledo

If you’re flying to Toledo in central Spain, you’ll be pleased to hear that at Casarrubios Del Monte Airport (LEMT) you can now refuel quickly and efficiently with our latest self-serve facility offering Jet-A1 or Avgas.

The airport is open from dawn till dusk and is located just 40 minutes south of Madrid, so is a convenient choice for those visiting the Spanish capital. Customers will need their Sterling Card to access fuelling facilities and you will need to verify in advance what fuel grade is required to prevent misfuelling. Our new self-serve facility will complement the operator fuelled services already available at this airport.

Casarrubios marks the second of our self-serve facilities in Spain – the other is found at Ocaña Airfield (LEOC), also in Toledo. One of the big advantages of self-serve facilities is that customer receipts and delivery notes for the airport operator are printed automatically after each refuel, which saves time for both you and the airport operator.

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